The change you want, you seek, must begin with you,not you waiting for your spouse, government or Jesus Christ to come make that change for you, to come make things better for you, you are the one who wants that change, and you must be the one first to cause that change if it has to happen. If you have a dream, and you are waiting for someone else to come make you dream come true, then waiting ends up becoming your dream reality.   

If you have a dream, a goal, a desire you wish or want to happen to you, it’s always your full time responsibility and job to make it come real. If you want something, don’t wait for someone else or wait for right time, you are the right person to go seek it or create it, and you are at the right time to begin to create and seek what you want. The change you want must begin with you, the people you want to help you with your dream will show up when you begin to work on your dream you want to happen to you.  

Action attracts action; the people will only come to help you forward if you begin your work, without work nothing and no one will come in. Begin the change first; others who will help you will come in second. The change you want must begin with you.