Real change begins with and within oneself; it begins with owning a self-reliant mindset, not something outside oneself.

Bringing up a child for reliance outside themselves is always short-term experienced and results mostly in long-term problems and in addition that life outside themselves will never be theirs, it will always belong outside themselves, to others, to rust and if you train a child to put faith in things outside themselves, you have prepared your child for a life full of frustration, complaining, blaming in short a miserable life simply because when that life is taking away from them, misery becomes their lifestyle.  

Training and bringing up a child to depend put faith and believe reliance in a job, a salary, money, a government, houses, gadgets and all worldly fame are by far secondary; for who the child is, is the whole asset who they must become their own self reliance. Am not saying a child must not be supported by a parent, no; it’s a parents responsibility to support a child because is their own cause, but a child must be trained to understand that I am the cause and source of it all, that my life is my responsibility not just my leaving it in my parents responsibility. A child must be trained to handle responsibility they are capable to handle of any age they reach.

In truth if you take away your child’s responsibility, you will always have your child’s responsibility to handle. If you solve all your child’s problems, you will always have your child’s problems to solve.  

Train up a child to become and grow up a self-reliant person on themselves.