Academic qualifications are important and so is financial education.They’re both important and schools are forgetting one of them.

Mostly when it comes to the issue of money, it is passed from our parents to children. If our parents had good money spending habits, children are likely to have good money spending habit too. If parents had irresponsible or poor money spending habits, children are likely to have irresponsible or poor money spending habits, unless otherwise they get a shift, get a financial education.

In short poor people teach their kids poor lessons and on the other hand rich people teach their kids rich lessons. That’s what creates the difference between the poor people from the rich people families.

The poor and middle class family, having a meeting about to talk about money is not important to them, what is important is an education, going to school, get into university and look for a good job, buy a house, a car, and start a family, that’s what is important in life; not to become an entrepreneur or become rich, no, this is not a important to this group. Job security is what is important for the middle class group.   

Truth is, family plays a bigger role as we are growing up, and most of the habits we adopt them unconsciously in our childhood and we end up reacting on them in our adulthood life without ever questioning and understanding where they rooted, mostly and especially the subject of money-making, money-spending and loving or hating-money.

Money Making

Majority of us come from families where both our parents where employees, the great majority where fathers where employees. In such a family, children are subconsciously conditioned to believe that the only way to make money is to get a job as the only way to make money.

They may start a business, but will not go anywhere, reason being, what is in there subconscious-mind speaks and acts for them, job habits. Get a job as a way to make money is a childhood subconscious belief passed from your parents to us children and us children grow with it into adulthood as the only way of life to make money and it works for us, because that’s what they believe in, but it is always short lived. Our subconscious beliefs speaks for us, that’s the reason you find majority of people in this world, there only trusted way to make money is through being an employee because that’s the only thing they were taught at home.

And when it comes to school were we spend 15 years in schooling, that’s the only thing we are taught to become, an employee as the only way to make money.

That’s why the world has so many employees than employers, because the majority of people came from employee-mentality families. Read a book by T. Harv Eker, the “Secrets of the Millionaire Mindset”, it explains more why most people are still held into an employee money making mentality.

Money Spending

Same thing I said in the beginning, how you spend money today, is how you learnt from your parents or family. Save money for a rain-day, spend money to survive for a month is all learnt from our families bring up. A word of wisdom: Saving money for a rainy day might sound a good idea, but it can create big problems. You get what you focus on. If you save money for a rainy day, you will continual getting rainy days.

If you keep on doing the same money habits your parents did, your children will keep getting the same money habits you are going through too. Poverty is contagious, so are riches too, stop all that rote and begin to learn how the rich use money.  

Majority of homes don’t teach to spend money to survive for lifetime, that’s the reason many people spend money on short-term ideas that produces short-term results instead of long-term ideas that produces long-term sustainable results.


There is nothing wrong to love money, because if we love money we will use it wisely, but if we hate money we use it unwisely. I know most people have been raised like I was raised to believe that what biblical saying says, “The love of money is the root of all evil.” I am 100 percent sure money doesn’t talk or walk; it’s the one who possess it who talks when he or she has money.

Money is a tool as a knife is a tool, a knife can be used to kill person which is evil and also the knife is used to serve people by using it in the kitchen to cut fruits, vegetable and other foods that is served to people to eat, which is good. Would you say here that the knife is evil because it was used to kill person or you will say the one who used the knife to kill a fellow human is evil?

So is money too, it’s just a tool to use and how you use it is what produces the results either good or evil. Money is not evil, the person who uses money evil, is the one evil, maybe that’s the reason in most families money is not talked about, because it has been perceived as evil.

Not forgetting sex too, never talked about.  

This article is my personal experience because in my family money is not a subject talked about more, less talked and others never even talked about money. We come together for other meetings, example funeral, wedding, prayer, job or school meetings, but never a money or business meetings.