Their people in this world who don’t think,others don’t fully think for themselves its other people’s beliefs and circumstances that think for them.

Mostly people who don’t use their minds, don’t know how to think constructively and are the ones that depend on things outside themselves, and things outside them are what thinks for them and controls their lives, for example the old culture or religious beliefs, or the past people’s beliefs might be thinking for them, and even unthought-of about by the great majority, their employers, their government or their school system beliefs thinks for most people today. You must understand that beliefs too speak, and if they speak for you, and if their negative, the negative your life too.  

Does a job think for you? or Do you think for your job? If you work that job because your family told you to go to school and get a job, it’s your parent’s beliefs thinking for you, not yourself; and even your parents if it’s their parents who advised them that belief, they were not thinking too, but just thought-for too.

It’s these hetero-subconscious beliefs that were programmed in many people’s minds in their childhood period that thinks for them. Most of these beliefs were unconsciously learnt and adopted in their childhood lives. No child is born in any religious group, these are just group beliefs we have found on this earth made by our fellow man, and we have come to adopt and accept them as our reality when we are capable of creating our own reality. 

Our families have played a bigger part in our life growth and mostly it’s where we have gotten the beliefs and habits that we act on or act upon us automatically in our everyday lives without thought for us the majority.  

They say recognition brings you realization, and realization makes you learn, and to learn means to change, but if you can’t change then you have not learnt, and you have not realized the lesson, and this is what makes it difficult to understand and change those unempowering beliefs inside us. Some beliefs today like getting a job with a pension has become obsolete, but many people to date still believe in such a history; mainly these are people who want yesterday to be today and tomorrow when in reality today is no longer yesterday and tomorrow will no longer be today. Alvin Toffler put it this way; “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn”.

If you want to change what you are and doing today, you better be willing to evaluate your life beliefs and ask yourself, “Do these beliefs empower me?” “Do these beliefs make me happy?” “Do these beliefs constantly make my life prosper?” If not, it’s time to unlearn them and relearn your mind with empowering beliefs because what we believe unconsciously or consciously is what has created and creates the life you and me are experiencing today, and tomorrow too.

“The important thing is not to stop questioning; curiosity has its own for existing” – Albert Einstein

Beliefs in your subconscious mind are what shapes what you say, feel and how you live your life today. That’s why not all beliefs are good, in fact many are evil beliefs; question them whether their family, religious, government or school beliefs, question them, as I have said that not all beliefs are good. As said, belief speaks or represents us too, that’s why you must be willing to question and evaluate the beliefs in your life, then choose the positive ones, and live on the right ones, and learn to think for yourself, not other man to think for you when you are even capable of thinking for yourself. Think for yourself.