It’s what Mr. Gurdjeff said; “The first reason for man’s inner slavery is his ignorance, and above all, his ignorance of himself. Without self-knowledge, without understanding the workings and function of his machine, man cannot be free, he cannot govern himself, and he will always remain a slave, the plaything of forces acting upon him. This is why in all ancient teachings the first demand at the beginning of the way to liberation was to “Know Thyself.”

There is no lack, discord or sickness when the conscious and subconscious minds work together harmoniously and positively. Imagine if everyone knew how to use and control their minds, if they understood how their minds should function; people would get their minds create miracles for them, but because of ignorance of our own mind-workings we have made our own subconscious-mind work against us through our conscious negative way of thinking.  

The subconscious mind does not differentiate between what is neither negative nor positive; it only gives you what you consciously predominately focus your thoughts on. The work of your subconscious mind is to react to bring to reality your conscious thoughts. The work of you as the conscious is to think or cause thoughts and pass them to your subconscious to be transformed into reality. The conscious mind thinks, the subconscious mind brings to reality what you think.

That’s the reason they say, be careful what you think about in your conscious-mind because your subconscious-mind does not differentiate between a joke or the truth, negative or positive, but only makes reality what you think in your conscious mind. The subconscious mind is the factory of all your life experiences. So if you want to change the kind of experiences you face in your life, you better change the kind of thoughts you entertain in your conscious mind and the subconscious mind as your factory will give you a different experience.

The subconscious factory or workshop doesn’t care or judge the type of materials (thoughts) you give it to work on; all it cares for is to make reality what you want according to the material (thought) you gave it. The only one who should care if the material (thought) is shoddy or quality is you who is thinking in your conscious-mind. The conscious mind is an idea causer, but subconscious mind is an idea manifestor. Therefore your mind is the tool you use to think and create your desires into reality. Your lifestyle is the reflection of what you think in your conscious mind. Think good thoughts to get good results, because you are and become what you think.

“The sub-conscious mind has no ability to reject thoughts. This is why you must use your conscious mind to monitor thoughts and ideas as you receive them-and close the gate when negative thoughts are approaching” – Bob Proctor