You have tried planting your seeds in the pockets(garden) of your pastors but all to no avail. Try, I implore you, to now plant that seed in your own pocket (garden) and you will see the results.

When you plant your seed in your pastor’s pocket (garden) you don’t expect to harvest in your own pocket (garden) because that’s not where you planted.
Is it not madness to expect an harvest where you did not plant anything? You planted in the pastor’s pockets (garden) for the pastor, and it’s the pastor and his family that must harvest, not you.

Each time you plant your seeds in your pastor’s pockets (garden) you are simply helping him to plant more seeds in his garden so that he can see an even bigger harvest, not you.

The next time your pastor asks you to plant a seed don’t disagree with him but go and plant it in your garden instead.