Taxed when in your mother’s Womb,

Taxed when you are Born,

Taxed when you go to School,

Taxed when you get a Job,

Taxed when you Marry,

Taxed when you Impregnate a woman,

Taxed when you have to Eat and Drink,

Taxed when you have a House,

Taxed when you have a Car,

Taxed when you go to Church,

Taxed when you Vote,

Taxed when you Retire,

Taxed when you get Sick, and

Taxed when you Die.

And sure you just want to remain poor, remain an employee for the rest of your life. Why not get Rich, build your business or businesses and pay less or no Taxes. The poor and middle class people get awakened please, a good education for a good job is not enough today, it’s a trapping road to your wealthy today because you pay more taxes to the government and make the rich get more richer.

Why not get rich and make more money for yourself and pay less in taxes, instead of having less money through a job paycheck but still paying more taxes. Why not join the rich class that makes the money rules, make the tax rules? It’s free to join the rich class, but it’s not easy as you think as becoming an employee.

Today there are only two choices become, to go become and live a rich life or to go become and live poor, or remain living a Poor life; it’s all your choice. Taxes make the rich get more richer and make the poor get more poorer.