You cannot claim to say am independent if you still late other people think for you, control your lifetime and tell you what to do for your life and what to do for their life. A baby child is not independent, that’s why parents think for the child. An employee is not independent because an employer still thinks for them, told what to do, what time to come at a job and what time to live from the job. Majority of citizens are not independent because they have late politicians think for them.  

For example, such a country is not economically independent, are dependent like most African countries that went into independence with a dependence mindset; that’s why most African countries are on the top list of receiving Aid money, Aid food, Aid Medicine, Aid clothes, and other second gadgets etc; this is all outside dependence that needs to be eradicated from an African mindset. Aid has never and will never develop an African mind. It seems most African countries got physical independence, and forgot to get mental independence.  If its Aid money, I love what Robert kiyosaki author of “Rich dad Poor dad” said it clearly; “Giving poor people money does not cure poverty, it only makes them poor longer”, read the international bestselling book “Dead Aid” author Dambisa Moyo, Africa will never go forward with dependence on Dead Aid, but only continual going backwards.

So is the individual will never become mentally independent and mature if they let other people for example especially politicians and employers who many people are controlled by, letting other people tell you what to do for your life is not being independent and not being mature at all, and its giving your power aware to those thinking for you as F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “Either you think or else others have to think for you and take power from you.” As Charles F. Hannel, Author; The Master key System (1912), “Why do the great majority in every country remain the docile and apparently willing tools of law? Because they let the few do all their thinking for them.” It’s time to begin thinking for yourself, to take control of your own life and live the life you desire, the life you want. Your life is your own responsibility.