Somebody said that; “We get ourselves backed into corners simplybecause we define ourselves by the ideology of your parties rather than by what we actually think. Why do we even need brains? We can just say “I am a Democrat” or “I am a Republican” and “This is the way we think.” That’s crazy. That does not even give ourselves credit for the ability to analyze and interpret and make choices about individual issues in light of our own experience, priorities, and principles. Therefore, I describe myself as an independent.”

This is more than too much now, for decades and decades it has been the same mental pandemic, it has become a belief conditioned as a mental perennial pandemic sickness. When people get used to something even though it’s abnormal or insanity, it becomes normal and sanity; actually it’s true your mind does not differentiate between poverty or wealth, does not differentiate between slavery or freedom, it only gives you what you focus your thought on.

You vote for a new party, it does not satisfy your wants and needs, after 5 years you vote for another party the same thing; and this has been going on and on for years, and it has seemed to become normal now, when actually in real sense this is abnormal. People get used to pain, as some have got used being slaves of others, as others too have got used to live in poverty as a way of life. This how many people have gotten used to voting too and changing of political parties as a way of life, and you say that’s how it suppose to be? No, this is a self-cause mediocrity and sullen lifestyle.     

We want to change the government and we want the government to change us when actually we don’t want to change ourselves first. We want the government or our employers to be responsible of our lives when actually we don’t want to be responsible for our own lives. And when they don’t meet or satiate our wants and needs and don’t fulfill what they promised us; we become complaining and blaming robots when actually it’s ourselves who allowed them to control us.

It seems the motto for all governments is: “To control people’s minds,” what Steve Biko said, “The greatest weapon in the hand of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” Once you know a person’s mental weakness, it’s easy to use that weakness to control him or her, and the great majority of people there weakness is dependence and ignorant mindset, mostly in the area of money and a job. They go out every day to work for money instead of finding a way to make money work for them.

They go out to seek for a job, but forgetting that seeking for a job is also a job on its own. They get a job as the only way to a successful life, but in the end, the end results are a long-term problem. It’s time to become your own boss of your life, it’s time to stop being a seeker and it’s time to become a finder and its time stop letting others control your mind and start controlling your mind; but if you let others control your mind, you have made yourself their slave.

A politician is just a person like you, so why kill yourself wanting him or her to take care of your life when you have the ability to take care of your own life. A politician is an employee too, is just employed too like any other employee too, so why let a fellow employee take control of your life when you are all employees. Take control of your life please, only you can make your life better, only you your oneself. Believe in yourself and go make your life better.