The evil of job-security is it keeps majority of people or employees stuck, fearful to become self-reliant, fear to move in the unknown life and experience, stagnate in terms of knowledge growth, mental progress and more especially financial growth; in short stagnate in terms of life progress and change; only after years that’s when you see some little change. 

Fear of being fired or losing a job is what makes most employees neglect their own personal progress which I call to become self reliant on their own life, instead it creates some short foresight mentality vision that narrows employees to focus on how they can work to survive today or for month and neglect to work on something that can make them survive for a sustainable lifetime, even for the next generations to come.

An employee, who works hard not to be fired, has a fearful mindset. An employee who believes in job-security has a fearful mindset. And an employee who only believes in a paycheck to make money has a fearful and is ignorant too, added.

How do you expect to progress your life if you fear losing a job that supports your lifestyle? Only people who love their job, make progress and such people are a very few who are employees, the majority of them are business owners, investors, business partners and self-employed. Others even work overtime, just not to be fired over just a cheap labour.

Work hard and you will not be fired is what keeps so many employees work for a rain day, save for a rain day, work to survive for month, and not for an entire lifetime. Fear of being fired at a job is what makes many employees fail to plan their future wisely, because there are always focused to survive today, for a month only. Though some employees may talk about planning their future, few really mean it and plan it wisely. Why? A lot of such people just talk of planning a brighter future but actually do nothing to create that brighter future.  That’s the reason the majority people in the employee industry have a short-term thinking with a short foresight that results into what is was said that; “A job is a short-term solution to a long-term problem.”

It is true that instant gratification jobs leads to future instantaneous long-term problem. A wage of an employee is an instant gratification reward. Working hard is not Job-Security for not to be fired; those are just employers techniques to manipulate your mind to work hard for him like a cow does to plough up the dry ground or a horse chasing a hooked carrot in front of its nose. Every work we do is a dry ground, the difference is, employers use and direct employees to bring their idea to life without much of their effort.

Its high-time you think more about your life, your job, and your future wisely, and In conclusion I love what the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad said “Workers work hard enough to not be fired, and owners pay just enough so that workers won’t quit”.