Majority of employees work hard to be promoted, they will and can do all sources of things just to get that promotion. Others can lie, others can work overtime, others can have sexual intercourse with their employer or above supervisors, others bribe with money etc; this is all in the name of getting that job promotion. But today, it has become a propensity that you have to go back to school and get an MBA or Masters to be promoted to get a high paid position or title at a job more especially in the government. Others think having an MBA school certificate means that you have job-security, known as something to fall back on. In the government work force is all about how heavy your paper is, and not what you do.  

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English defines Promotion as: “The ability of persuading people to support something.” What’s that persuasion, they tell you to work hard, to obey the work rules and what your employer tells you, when you work hard and be loyal we will increase your salary. Money is the motivation they use to persuade the great majority of employees. They know without money an employee would not be working for that company, that’s why money is a weapon or tool for persuasion. These are all mental manipulation most employers use as a tactic to make an employee work hard for them, and so that also an employee never to leaves to look for another job somewhere else.

Have you ever sat down and thought what the word ‘pro’mote’ really means first? It’s like almost every employee is what makes them strive and work hard at a company, to be promoted. Let’s explore how Longman Dictionary explains them;

Pro – Someone who is paid to do something, especially a job, that other people do for pleasure, but him just do it for money.

Mote – A very small piece of Dust.

The fun thing is, an employee can never be more than the employer. So it means a pro is a person who is paid to work for others. Simplified, a pro is an employee who works to make other people’s idea real, for example founder of Ford Automobile factory, Henry Ford loved his idea for automobiles inventing and manufacturing, and had to employee his pro (employees) to work on his ideas to bring it into reality. Pros or professionals are paid to work on employer’s dreams or ideas, and moreover that’s what we go to school for, to get a job.

Mote – its fun, an employee is a very small piece of dust. An employee is not an employer, that’s the reason why an employee is a mote – a very small particle for an employer. So being an employee is being in a mote-stage, yes. 

Fact is, why wait for years and years to be promoted by your fellow human being, when actually you can promote yourself by becoming your own boss, doing your own business, making your own money and being a business owner. Why wait for 40 years when you retire out of a job to live your own life, your own dreams when you can start living your dreams right now? Elevate your life, it’s your life, no one will empower your dreams if you don’t empower them yourself, it’s your own responsibility, not your employers.