Your change is personal, not compulsory, so no need to wait for someone out there to come change you, it’s your job to change you. I love what the teacher and author Dr. Lawrence Mukuka said, “The biggest change, the most desired change and greatest change for this country and people today, is not the change between individuals, but the change within each individual from the negative mindset to the positive mindset and everything will be getting fine.”

Truth is, no one can change anyone if he or she is not willing to change, though some change are forced through the throat, many still go back to the same old ways of living and doing things. Change begins at an individual level, and only one can change oneself, but you can only provide the resources to help someone to change if he or she is willing to accept and use those resources. People are ready and able to live a rich successful life, but few people are willing to sacrifice to be and do what successful people do and be to live that successful life.

If you are not willing to change and progress your life, don’t expect someone out there to change and progress your life, only you can make that progress you desire and want, that’s why success is personal responsibility, and it’s your personal life. It’s your responsibility to live the good life you want.

If you want a successful life, it’s your responsibility to create it and become it, and live it. No one is coming to change your life, just change it yourself please.