Many employees think working hard is Job-security, so they work hard like no man’s business. This is useless, how can you be working as hard as a cow attached with a cow-plough in the farm. If you have been on the farmer seeing cows plough the land, I think you would understand what I mean. It’s hard work for a cow to plough-up that hard land, in addition if it’s in dry season, though some employees are lazy bums and steal companies working time, not performing accordingly at their jobs especially more of those in the government work force.

And many people are stuck in companies working very hard as job security to not get fired. I got this on Facebook from reviewing some of truth about some employers;

“A boss’s idea of total heaven is to have a queue of starving and desperate people at his factory gate, rattling the chain-link fence in an effort to be granted just the chance of proving that they will work twice as hard as anyone else.

In order to get you to work harder for less pay, a boss will issue threats by making statements like: “If things don’t improve around here….”

Or another technique they might use is to ‘leak’ the information that there are going to be redundancies, and that only the best employees will retain their jobs. This has the effect of making everyone scared, and of course, they will work much harder in an effort to make sure that their services are retained.” 

Or, you may not be fired because of your hard work at a job, but who are you working hard for, yourself or your employers? Why not flip that, instead of spending years working hard for someone else dreams and goals, why don’t you work hard on your own dreams and goals, that which I call living your own life and being the boss of your own life. If you can work hard for 20 years making someone else dreams come true and richer, you can as well do that for your own life, rather spending years and years being told work hard and you won’t be fired or you will be promoted, and being lied too that they is job-security at this company when they is no such thing as job security in any company not even in the government as many are brain washed to believe such a lie.

“Work harder on yourself than anything else and you will be unusually successful” – Dani Johnson

Working hard as job security, am sorry that’s a lie, that’s just employee manipulative techniques that most employers or companies use to make you work hard and productive for them, by the way you don’t work hard for yourself, you work hard for your employer, why then would you believe in such a thing as work hard for something which is not yours? It’s high time we started questioning and thinking for ourselves, not just accepting and following when are no longer in the following age, but thinking age. Stop working hard on things that are not yours and find your own things you must work hard for, work hard for your dreams and goals, not someone else dreams and goals.