Our governments have made it possible to mentally manipulate and condition a great number of docile people especially the poor people to believe that there are shortages of resources to make yourself successful in this country and in other countries, in the manner that they can have more control over a great majority of people’s minds and resources and sources on this earth. To mentally condition an individual that they is shortage of resources for personal success, is a way of manipulating  people as a way to make them depend on the government, and as the more people depend on the government the more the government have power and control over these people.

The principle is this, “what you depend upon to care for your life, rules you.” How? Because you have given up your own life-responsibility to the government, and voting is also one way they use the government to control your life. Then who uses the government?  

So what the government does to have more citizens depend more on it, is this; it comes up with strategic manipulative mental tricks, that make citizens think narrow or do little thinking, that narrows people’s minds and that makes people’s minds docile and fearful. The fun part is, majority of the people just follow without thinking, which is the big problem for many people in this century.

90 percent of these manipulative mental tricks are implemented through the policies, projects or laws the government makes. These laws create mental-insecurity, dependence and fear in one self, and not the government. 90 percent of government laws take away some people’s personal and life responsibility away from themselves and once that birth-right personal and life responsibility is taking away, this man called John Atkinson said it true that, “If you don’t run your own life, somebody else will,” and this is how the government comes in to control docile minds. The government implements these tricks through the laws, policies or projects they come up with.

The trick here is this; once you feel insecure about yourself, you will always want to seek security from things or people outside yourself. In truth, insecurity and fear about ourselves is want has caused so many people to depend on others or substances outside themselves especially the government, religion, jobs, spouses, etc. In short some of the government policies are implemented to society to create more fear and insecurity in the majority of the citizen’s lives. The critical question you must ask your self is this,

Who controls the government?

Who is in the charge of the government?

What does the government mean?

Who formed the government system?

Watch this documentation;

This is what the late South African Mind Activist Steve Bantu Biko meant, “The greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” So, “The greatest weapon in the hands of the government is the oppressed minds of the citizens.” Some percentage of government laws add and put fear and insecurity in the citizen’s minds so that they have more control over citizens; and what Robert Kiyosaki quoted is what caused the governments to want to have more control on its citizens; “Once government got a taste of money, the appetite grew”.  

Thomas Jefferson observed it this way; “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government”, the appetite. Remember also that the other way the government plays these tricks is through school-systems; maybe that’s why schools for centuries and centuries have failed to change its obsolete teaching systems that brain washes many people’s minds.  Remember this, “Governments exits to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits, is deciding to protect us from ourselves”, said Ronald Reaga, Author: The Reagan Diaries and 40th President: United States of America.