Many thought and many are still thinking that when I get a good job, a well paid salary, I will be happy, I will be successful and be happy,  I still hear this from so many minds to date. Many with a school employee mentality still miss the mark of thinking a job will bring them happiness; however, just wait and begin observing their job-journey that comes for many with full frustration and complaining and blaming, I usually hear often these complaining from some family members, strangers and friends too, to be frankly honest; and it bothers me more because why would someone spend years and years at a company doing a job they really hate and while list wanting to find happiness in hatred, does that really make sense?

A job is not a key to happiness, but happiness with yourself at a job is the key to a successful at a job, not a job. If you are not happy now, and expecting to have a job that’s when you will be happy, I doubt if it will work, many have tried that, it never worked. If you are not happy now with what you are doing, where you are, and what you have and facing now, I don’t see how you will be happy with things you still don’t have at your disposal. Begin to find happiness in what you have now, they is always something you can be happy of now. Happiness is a state of mind, and if you cannot make up your mind to be happy now, how do you expect to be happy were you are not their already yet. Happiness is now, not in future.

And what you must remember is that a Job is a short-term solution to a long-term problem. Just look around how many people are stuck in their jobs for years and years and many still wanting to find happiness in those jobs which they never did, and many to date are still following the same trap that many are buried in, and many others are still encouraging their children to follow the same path, when actually in reality they even know that they are trapped or stuck in an illusion of happiness. If you are a parent and still encouraging your children to get a job as a way to happiness, please it’s time to change you way of encouragement and advice, such an advice and encouragement has become obsolete, in fact it’s a useless way to advice a child.   

Lets open our mind-eyes my friends, a job is simply “Just Over broke” for a long-term problem processes, not a way to happiness, you are the way to happiness. If you are fired today, are you going to continual to say that I have a job or you going to say I have remained with me?  That’s the reason I said you are your only way to happiness, be your happiness and make yourself happy, just never make your job a way to happiness.