My Father: Photo Taken 1997

For example the job you do at the company is as a truck driver, transporting the company’s products from one city to the other, driving carefully through those dangerous roads, reaching the other cities safely; is that the companies security  or your conscious security you are using to drive carefully through those dangerous roads? Of course you are using your conscious security, not companies. That’s why you must be awakened that they is no such thing as job-security but only your conscious-security.

If there is job security, why is it some employees die while doing their job at a company?, for example some police or soldiers are gunshot, others die while on duty, some miners die underground when the mine fall apart, drivers die in road accidents while transporting company products, some electricians die by electric current when they are fixing electric faults, etc; do you think job-security will protect you when you face such a problem at a job, or its your conscious-security that will protect you to survive such problems?

My father’s three fingers were cut out by the Timber-machine way back in 1998 while he was working for an Electricity Supply Company work shop, ZESCO in my country Zambia, and would you say that he had “no job-security or no conscious-security?” definitely there was no conscious-security. My father’s experience is what has contributed more for me to write this article you are reading now. I felt the pain of my father in me by just seeing how deep bloody cut wounds where his three fingers where cut off on his right hand by a timber machine.

I remember when he got out of hospital, I could watch my mother cleaning the wound with spirit, salt and other medicines, also seeing daddy’s face getting so thick of pain when mom was cleaning the wound, today I have realized what they call job-security is useless and share of waste of life to me to believe in such a lie. The timber cutting machine left him with two fingers and those two fingers were also cut in half, meaning he was left with two half fingers on his right hand. My father his job was a carpenter at the company called (ZESCO) called Zambia Electricity Supply Cooperation.

My father also taught me some carpentry skills in my childhood stage which actually helped me to get a job at one of the local small carpentry shop in Mpika District after I left high school at the age of 16 years, in 2006.

Ambar Carpentry Shop: 2007


Actually I worked in three small companies in my teen age period from the moment I was 16 to 19 years before I went to college at the age of 20, where I could even earn $50 a week as a carpenter. This was a dangerous job, and most times we used physical labour not machine labour. If you are cutting timber and when you just accidentally slip the saw and it catches your finger, your finger can be instantly cut off.

It truth, all the three small carpentry companies I worked, they never even gave a damn what job-security was, everything was at your own risk, that’s why you see in the picture I was using such a dangerous too; it was my own risk. My employer all he cared for was you do a job and pays you, not job-security.  And what really helped me to work fine with those sharp tools in that period as carpenter was my own knowledge and experience of my awareness of conscious-security towards the job I was doing. My security on the job I was doing was self-security which I call conscious-security. What they tell you at your company that they have job-security and they will protect you; always remember that it’s an illusion, it’s just a manipulation.

They say a wise person learns from his or her own experience, meaning how you respond to your past experiences is what makes a difference in your present and future life to come. It is true a wise person learns from his experience, so is a wise person who learns from other peoples experiences, I have learnt from my father’s job experience, and others mistakes found in an employee-employment process.

Remember life is too short to make all the mistakes and learn from them; learn from other peoples mistakes too. You don’t need to spend 30 years in an employee process to learn a lesson all by yourself, that will be wasting more of your lifetime opportunities.  Remember that job security is your own mindset, not in your employer’s or companies nor so called the government. Job Security is how aware your conscious mind is towards whatever job you perform. Security is conscious awareness.

…..The only security that a man can have is a reserve of knowledge, experience and ability.” – Henry Ford