Jobs like a School Teacher, police officer, Nurses, Doctor, Arm Force etc; majority who dominate in this work-force are the government employees. And it is true, I have proved this, majority of people who are government employees are there not because they love their jobs, they are just their because of money, a paycheck, and not because they really love those jobs.

Majority of people are getting into government employment because it’s the easiest place to become an employee. The reason why majority get into government employment is because it’s easy to start a job and start getting paid after you finish the college, and they say it’s good because you are going to be staying in a free house, free medical bills, or if you want to rent, you are given housing allowances which is easier. All these exist in order to support a lie called job-security.

Yes, it’s easier, but it’s not free allowances, that money they give you they deduct from your salary before you are given that salary money at the end of that month. For example, if you are getting paid $500, meaning you are supposed to be getting more than this amount; but the government will get paid first from your salary by deducting taxes first, and leave you with a $500. And all those you say medical bills, housing or transport allowances are for free; they are not, they are deducted from your salary given back to you to make you believe that it’s for free as a way of job-security to mentally manipulate you.

That is why there is no such a thing as job-security, it’s just a mind manipulating tactic to blind you, to keep you working longer at a job, to stop you from not moving to another company and to keep you working hard for that company, government or employer. It’s the same with the pension money retirees get; it all comes from the little they deduct from your salary and keep it for you until you retire, which is called Defined Contribution Plan. Everything you work for it or pay for it in one way or the other. Their no free lunches, you pay for those lunches one way or the other. Remember they is no such thing as job-security, but only conscious-security. Get awakened.