I am pretty sure even God knew that man will always make mistakes. That’s the reason we forgive ourselves, and forgive our fellow human being and our fellow human beings forgive us too. That’s reason they is that process called “Repent.” Two reasons that qualifies that you will always make mistakes you believe it or not;

  1. You are born with an empty mind. As you start learning to do certain activities, consider mistakes will always be made.
  2. You don’t know everything in this life. So when you try to learn something new, whether some simple-work or some-hard work, consider to make some mistakes.

Anything that you do on this earth, you learnt it from someone or something. Meaning this mother earth is our teacher we should be learning from so we can mature spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically, and when mutuality is taking place in these areas that makes you human, then we will be able to restore back that love we are here to restore through our purpose we have been given to fulfill. Our purpose on this earth is to restore back love to this beautiful mother earth. 

But the problem is many people have been brought up to consider and judge that mistakes are bad, that’s the reason they fail to learn from mistakes and by perceiving so, they fail to do anything worth for others and themselves too. It’s true that being-human is making mistakes. You will always make mistakes in this life journey, but if you keep on considering them as mistakes instead of learning lessons, you never learn any worth from them and often this is why many keep on making the same mistakes over and over.

“A mistake is only sin when not admitted” – Bucky Fuller

Coming back to the second point that you don’t know everything; mistakes are mind openers and learning from them awakens you to realize that am missing something here, and you must learn something new here. If you make a mistake, remember you are missing something and you have to find that missing part and fix it. There is an old ancient saying; “All things must grow, or they die.” Meaning that, find and learn, and fix that part that made you cause that mistake and grow yourself or your plan, goal or dream from it.

But if you don’t find and learn from that part, no growth and change will take place, this is the reason you find some people keep on making the same mistakes over and over, because they learnt nothing from that experience. Growth is painful, change is painful, but nothing is as painful as being stuck where you don’t belong.

To learn means, “To acquire a new experience, new information or new education and apply that into action”, and also to learn means to “change”, change means “progress” or “everyday progress” and you  only keep on changing in life if you keep on thinking and doing something different every day, which all comes back to new experiences. That’s the reason you see some people keep on experiencing the same lifestyle or things each-day, months, even years, is because if you keep on doing the same things every day, you will keep on getting the same things every day and same days every day.

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change” – Jim Rohn

True learning goes hand in hand with mistakes, if you avoid mistakes you avoid to learn. If you are willing to learn, you better be willing to make mistakes too. The problem is many people what to learn without making mistakes, this is one reason some people end up achieving so little, shoddy, because by avoiding mistakes they end up going for easy goals, low ideas, in short they think so small and achieve so small when in reality abundance is our birth right. The bigger your goal, the bigger sacrifice and effort to handle and put in, and the longer the time for patience it can take. The smaller your goal, the smaller sacrifice and effort to handle and put in, and the little time it will take to manifest.

“Great achievements is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness” – Napoleon Hill

And people who avoid mistakes are small thinkers or think so small to say, and if its employees they grow numb and stagnate in their by avoiding to take risk to become their own boss, because of the fear of making mistakes, and this is the reason many when they retire they end becoming obsolete and never build any business worth for themselves because of fear of losing money. “Avoiding mistakes makes people stupid and having to be right makes you obsolete” said Robert Kiyosaki.

Learning sometimes both sides, can be painful, fun, chaotic, motivating, and disorganized. Meaning learning can be filled with mistakes and enjoyment, determined by what you are learning, as Aristotle put it in an education way; “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet”, so is learning too. Not all learning is enjoyable and not all learning is bitter, but the wisdom you gain in the end is what counts most”.  

Like I side learning can come from both sides of life, negative or positive, but always learn something from that. But to learn from the negative, we have to pass through that stage of confusion of not knowing what to do so that we can learn to understand that which is in that experience.

True learning is accomplished through the process of trial and error. Through the repetition of trail-error-feedback-retrial, we grow dendrites in the mind and abilities to perform. For example a person learning to ride a bicycle has to go through lots of trails and errors, until he learns to stop failing down, learns to balance to sit and learns to ride the bicycle successfully. As said “A person, who never made a mistake, never tried anything new” by Albert Einstein.

They say repetition is the mother of skill, however even if sometimes we know what to do, we are incompetent to perform very effectively at first. It will require sometime of repetition to perform that skill effectively. Learning is simply a process of making mistakes, finding out what you don’t know, correcting it and keep on learning more.

“There no mistakes in life, just learning opportunities” – Robert Kiyosaki,
Author: Rich Dad Poor Dad.