Are you the employee-manager of others ideas, or are you the master-manager of your own ideas. If you are not thinking for yourself, not using your own mind, then something or someone is in charge of your mind, using your mind for his or her benefit, and this exactly qualifies such a person as a slave for something or someone else. And if you are not using your own mind, then you are not even in control of your own life.

Here is what happens if you are not in control of your own mind;

  1. You Lose Your Mind To Immaturity

People don’t actually lose their minds, but they become mentally confused or insane. They never get to understand how their minds work. And Insanity = complaining, blaming, faultfinding, meaningless life, dependence even when you an adult, self-caused mental immaturity, justifying, denial even when it’s your fault etc, this is what makes people lose their minds into becoming mentally immature.

You can imagine how many people are in this insanity category, these are vulnerable lost souls, wandering and praying to God why life is so miserable and unfair when in reality their creating it on their own. You create your own life reality. Life is 100 percent fair; it’s your own self that makes it unfair. What you think about life, is what you get. In truth, why cry for a fair life when you like it or not, you believe it or not, problems will always be there; you can’t run away from. A fair life is a life of challenges. I know their other forces we can’t see with our naked eyes that do all what it takes to control humanity mind, but the key is to take control of your mind.

But it’s how you respond or copy with problems or challenges that you face in life, that’s what makes a difference. Problems or unfair-life is a journey of winning and overcoming and if you can’t accept that life is a journey that has problems; then life to you will be of difficulties and unfairness.

Take control of your mind and stop letting yourself into an immature life of blaming and complaining. Just take responsibility of your own mind, your own life.

  1. Others Use Your Mind

Like I said in the beginning, if you can’t use what you have, someone else will use it. “If you don’t run you own life, somebody else will” said John Atkinson. If you can’t become your own boss, someone will make you his or her employee (slave) among these are the government, employers, a friend, a spouse or money. You’re either a master of money or a slave to it; it’s your choice to choose to control and use your mind, to begin thinking for yourself or let others control and use your mind – though “Most people would rather die than think; in truth, they do so” said, Bertrand Russell.

The biggest problem for most people is thinking, that’s the reason few people engage themselves in thinking work, that’s also the reason why “The greatest torture in the world for most people is to think,” said Luther Burbank. It’s time to start controlling your life, to take charge of your mind, and use it for your own benefit, because if you don’t, it’s just what is said and what will always happen to you; “If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs” said Tony Gaskin, motivational speaker. Use your mind.

Here is what happens if you are in control of your own mind;

  1. But If You Use Your Mind

You become the boss of your life, you become yourself and one principle to become successful in life is to become yourself and self is the one who will direct you to have what you want in your life. Success is becoming yourself, doing and living your own mind. Nobody became successful without themselves.

 People, who think and use their own minds, become a leader whom others seek to follow, to work for or work with. You become independent person who builds an independent and an interdependent rapport, because “Those who have finished by making all others think with them have usually been those who begun by daring to think for themselves” said; Charles Caleb Colton. Please become yourself, use yourself and live yourself, because that’s what you are here for and made for.