My advice is please, stop neglecting, forgetting and postponing your own dreams because of you are laboring on people’s dreams. It’s fun and a shame that an individual will work for 35 years at a company or for someone else, making that someone else dreams come true for that long and never through those long years to even make a single dream of his or her come true; and never at all live his own life. This is common to those employees in government pensions plans.

Many employees think when they get a pension that’s when they will live their own dreams. But guess what? That might be too late to live the dream you have always been dreaming about.

Having a job of dreaming about getting pension-money is a sense of security that has kept so many people to become slaves of money and a few fellow human-beings like the government and the rich. A pension, a paycheck is what has kept many in the employment process, which actually has made so many employees forget, postponing for later, and lose time to live the life they always dreamt of. Moreover someone said a paycheck is a bribe they give an employee to forget their dreams, this is true, just look around those who are in the employed world.   

It’s the pension dream that has kept so many people in a job process, including those bribe bonuses promises one is given in those calendar public holidays, like Christmas, New Year, Women’s day, Labour Day, Freedom Day holidays and many other of unproductive useless holidays.  Without these bonuses many will not even stay to work at those jobs.

You can understand why monthly wages or chasing pension money makes so many people neglect change, progress and the purpose of their own life on this earth; they keep on chasing pension money instead of chasing and living their own dreams. Chasing pension money has made many employees be on the road of neglecting their God given talents or gifts, and this is one reason many end up doing things that they don’t even enjoy, end up  experiencing meaningless, miserable and unexciting lives all in the name of safely reaching for a pensionable age. It’s not the fault of God; it’s our own fault that causes us to be experiencing such unhappy lives, because of neglecting our own life business and busy ever minding other people’s business each day that comes as the Native Indian Proverb said; “If you are given a gift and you do not use that gift to serve people, it becomes a curse.”    

This is the curse we have caused on ourselves of living meaningless, miserable and unexciting lives, because of neglect of the potential we already have with ourselves. And this is the weapon those in corrupt power use to manipulate and control many people’s lives by giving many pensionable jobs as a way to steal their wealthy which is your time on this earth. Some pensioners just die immediately their retirement money finishes, death trapped, other employees today are retiring without money in their retirement account wiped out by the government gambling, and are able to retire, trapped too, and you say the retirement package is safe, let’s think people, and why are retirees we so easily brain washed? For the majority a pension is an easy road to the cemetery!. Other just dies without even reaching a pensionable age like my father who passed away in 2003.  

Your greatest wealthy, money or riches on this earth is your Time and if you waste it on minding other people lifetime dreams, goals, and ideas, you are losing your wealthy every day that comes. A paycheck job attached with a pension was designed to steal your wealthy away from you, and Please Wake Up.