First of all, what we call an employee or unemployment is mental conditioning from childhood school period as a way to control man and steal his wealthy which is TIME to benefit a few people’s for example the government and the corrupt rich people and families who control majority of cooperation companies in the world that many people work for.

We have no shortages of jobs, but shortage of constructive thinkers and doers. Jobs are mental conditioning; unemployment is a mental cause, caused by man, not God. Unemployment means the universal principle of the “law of Use” is not working according to the way it must work or must be used. And any misuse of the universal principle, is a misuse of our own reality, for example unemployment is lack of utilization or lack of use of our mental creativity and talents; as the “law of use” says what you don’t use you lose. If we don’t use what we have we lose what we have, that’s what causes unemployment in this world.  

The Governments are busy lying to you that they can end unemployment, which is a lie. Government can never end unemployment because it does not create jobs; it’s the private enterprises that create jobs. But only one possible thing that I have used myself, “Only an individual can end unemployment at an individual level, and that is through utilization of our own personal potential or creativity within ourselves and plus addition of financial education” and they is no such thing as unemployment with your life.

The Native Indian proverbs said it clearly, “If you are given a gift and you do not use it to serve other people, it becomes a curse.” So what we call unemployment is just self caused curse.

If no one can give you a job, create your own job; you have already the riches of wealthy of your gifts within you. What you need to do is, know your talent or your talents, improve them, develop your talents and then later after they have been developed, you bring them to the market place and sale them; and money will begin coming in. And truth is, the beauty is, everyone has potential within, has a gift within or has a talent within as your own job, and a talent in ancient times even to date is equivalent to gold, so what it means is that a talent is as valuable and treasured as gold. And a talent can only bring in income if it saves other lives; it solves people’s problems, that is what the talent is made for, to solve problems.   

Therefore, if you think you are unemployed, you are not, you have just been brain washed as programmed for a job in school; there are a lot of things we can do even when you have no job, or we have not gone to school, and the one thing you can begin with is to begin using your own creative mind to create whatever you want, to solve some problems your community is facing, and anyone can do this with or without a job, with or without schooling.  

Remember that their no shortages of jobs in this world, but only shortages of creative thinkers, doers, which all comes down to shortages of problem solvers in our communities, country or the world as said by author of Rich Dad Poor Dad Mr. Robert Kiyosaki that “The problem with this world is not enough problem solvers. So if you become a problem solver you become rich”.