Great advantages of working for yourself is Time-Freedom, which I call “Self-freedom” that so main people don’t have especially employees.

Time-freedom to make your own life decisions, to be where you want to be without asking for permission from no one, but from yourself.

Self-freedom of not being asked where you are from or why you are late by your employer.

Self-freedom to control and own my work, rather not work controlling and owning me.

Time-Freedom to work because I want to work, not because I must to work whether I like it or not.

Time-Freedom to work when there is work, and when there is no work, I can go out with friends any time and have fun.

Self-Freedom to create my own work, rather others creating work for me.

Self-Freedom to contribute my own mind, rather others mind contributing for me.

In short to ask myself what I can do or contribute for my world, rather than asking what my world will or can do and contribute for me.

Taking control of my birth right time to me means; having all the 24 hours time, but being an employee means having sometime, not all the time; but having sometime from that 24 hours.

But some people are still ignorant about this, especially mostly those in schools, relationships, employees and majority of religious people; this is the reason why they have ended up giving up some or more of their authority, responsibility, power which is their Birth-Right Time and their minds ignorantly to other people, such as employers, wives, husbands, school-systems, religious beliefs, governments etc, which are using and controlling their life mostly negatively and unproductive, and mostly 95% of their “Some-time” which is subtracted from their 24 hours, meaning part of their “Birth-Right” is mismanaged, misused, and abused, which later in life  is a wasted lifetime.

Each-day time is an opportunity, and if you let everyday pass without doing something worth or constructive for yourself, then it’s a wasted day. Also if you have let negative or unproductive employers or people who don’t care or give a damn care about your life your lifetime, who care more of their lives by using your time, it’s high time you begin creating your own life business to own your own life, and take control of this precious gift God has given you, your “birth-right time, your life.

Without being control of your life, you are a slave to other people or material things. These are among some of the disadvantages of being an employee or being controlled by others which actually should awaken and inspire you to develop the mindset of becoming your own life boss, become an entrepreneur or an employer-master in order to think your own mind and control your own life, which actually means to own your own birth right time which is time-freedom.

The other advantage of being your own boss, or business owner is, “You can even have a one day vacation from your work any day you feel too, because you already own your birth-right, and not others owning your birth-right; and also remember that, no matter what you do, time of this earth is limited, and if you waste it on projects and feelings which don’t enrich you, it is lifetime lost forever. Get awakened please.