First of all School is not the key to a successful life, it’s only you yourself and that which lies within you that are the keys to a successful life. Moreover, their many people with chains of university Degrees, MBA’s and PhDs but still living poor and miserable lifestyles, and if good grades was a guarantee to a good wealthy healthy life, these people with chains of university certificates they would be the first to live successful rich wealthy lives, but it ant so. And here are the 5 reasons why school grades do not guarantee you or your children a good life after school;

Reason #1

The most Richest and Successful people in this world never finished school, for example Mark Zuckerberg Facebook, Bill Gates Microsoft, Jack Ma Alibaba Group, but they learnt something different that school never taught and does not teach students that makes people successful weather they have been to school or not, and I believe this is personal development and street smart entrepreneurship education, that is never taught in school. You can have a University PhD but still poor and broke.

Reason #2

Only students who pass good grades are smart and will become successful after school.  School focuses that if a student passes with good grades is a good and smart boy or girl and definitely is guaranteed a successful life after school or they will do better than others after school. Well I have not proven this, I have friends who did very excellent grades in school but going through rough times, most school teachers promised my friends promises that never work in our society, in the real world. Most of my friends have university papers, but going through tough times today that their certificates cannot even help them in any way on the other to solve those problems.  

Being successful in life is not about being school smart, but being bold minded will guarantee you a successful life. Bold people are willing to take risks, face challenges, make mistakes and learn from them, that school labels when you that if you make mistakes then you are a stupid person.  

A successful life comes with mistakes and correcting, and learning from those mistakes. But often the smart schooled people play it safe and fear to take risks and chances, so they stay stuck in the cocoon or cesspool of being employees and stay stuck in chasing a paycheck year after year until retiring with a pension only while often the bold students who never had good grades are often the ones who end up building wealthy businesses and end up retiring rich and wealthy. If we all became school smart people who don’t make mistake or fear to make mistakes, who do you think will turn problems into possibilities? Remember people who make it successful in life are the bold players who are willing to do all it takes and face all it takes, and not the smart safe players who are always willing to play it safe in whatever game of life they play in.

“Real life isn’t always going to be perfect or go our way, but the recurring acknowledgment of what is working in our lives can help us not only to survive but surmount our difficulties” – Sarah Ban Breathnach

Reason #3

Good grades after college will get you a good secure safe high paying job. There is no such thing as job-security, but only conscious-security. Job security is just an illusion or a lie to mentally manipulate you in order to work so hard for your employer, the government or the rich people. Can you call a secure self job where you can be sucked out by only three words, “You are fired!”, many student with highest grades are the ones today working the lowest paying jobs, and also working for those without school certificates, those who did not finish school and you still believe that good grades will get a you a good high paying secure job? They is to many cheap labour jobs on the market place today, and you still want to continual believing such a lie that going to school and get good grades is a guarantee to a safe high paying job today? Reason twice?

Reason #4

A University degree will solve your money problems, this is common sense, no one needs to lie to you about this, how many people with chains of diplomas, degrees, masters and PhD’s are suffering and struggling financially? You can look everywhere, their plenty of them in financial problems. 

Someone said more money more problems was right in this line; “more money more problems for a poor mindset so is more money more problems for a rich person”. Everyone has money problems, but what differentiates the poor, middle and rich class when it comes to money; it’s how they manage their money problems. Money makes the rich get richer, while money makes the poor get poorer; it all depends on how each handles their money problems.

Reason #5 Why Good Grades In School Does Not Guarantee You A Successful Life After School

Your employer wants good college grades in order to give you a job, lie; your employer only wants your skills, abilities and your energy that will make his business become and grow more productive. A university degree will qualify you for a job interview, get you a job, but a degree will not do a job for you; it is you who suppose to do the job, and your skills, your abilities and your energy is what will do the job for you. Just imagine how many people work in companies who have not being to university and doing better jobs than some of those with college degrees?

Lastly, you must remember that the key to success is within you, not outside you or in your school certificate paper, yes you can have a college degree, so many people have college degrees but still poor and miserable.

Therefore, empower more of yourself within, who you are within, build yourself confidence, and invest in yourself. We are born who we are from within, and no one was born with a college degrees or grades, these are just things we found on this earth that so many people define themselves of when they are not a college degree or diploma; know who you are, and what you are is already within you, you are the key to success, you are the success, please invest success in you, and you will manifest it in your physical reality with or without a college degree. You are the key to success.