This is a government and school philosophy, which the poor and middle classes have been taught to believe in, that the rich don’t believe in.

This advice school feeds that you have to get good grades to get a high paying job is obsolete and waste of time to believe in today. Even if you have never been to school; you can make more money, all you need is just to learn how to make money from a person who is making it already. Money is an idea, money is thinking and making money is learned with or without school; you don’t even need to get into school to learn to think or learn how to make money. Making money has nothing to do with becoming an employee, or getting a school certificate, you just have to go out and make some money.

Money is an idea, so if you think and believe money or getting rich can only be attained in getting a job, then, the reality is you will be working harder for money for the rest of your job days, and guess what, nobody ever became rich or wealthy by working for a paycheck, which you must always remember. You can never become rich through a job, because a job always get’s in the way of getting rich.

Someone said, “Money makes you more of what you are already.” So if you are already an employee, you end up becoming more of an employee to money and these are the guys who move from one job to the other, chasing money and working hard for money.

My niece just within the period of 5 years, she changed two to three jobs. It’s really true what someone said that, “It’s crazy how some people feel that Five to Ten years being an entrepreneur is a long time to achieve a level of success and wealth but don’t feel that 40 years at a 9-5 job is a long time to stay broke.”  Emerson put it clear that, “A person is what he or she thinks all day long, so is what he does and becomes all day long.”

You don’t need to get a job or go to school to make money or get rich, all you need is just proper financial-education from people who are rich already, people who have already making more money, and there everywhere. You can learn through their books, audios, seminars and there set-backs too, you don’t even need to meet some of these people personally to learn, you don’t need to meet for example Aliko Dangote the richest money man in Africa in person; they have produced financial education information to learn from, you can buy such and begin to learn; mind you Google is their already, just Google.

If you have the opportunity to meet or attend their seminars, that’s great, but truth of life is, “If you want to achieve something worth, you have to begin with what you have” and it’s easy these days to buy a book or go to the library, go on internet and begin from there to learn how people make money; or just go to the market places and learn from the people who are running businesses. Even if you have not go to school or you don’t have a job, you can still learn to make more money from people who are making it money out there. Making money is a learnable skill.