If you still think being an employee is a safer thing today,you are spinning in the disadvantaged road. It’s more of an advantage today to become a business person than just being an employee only, of course you can be an employee, but do business or investments too, and with that you are guaranteed some safety.                               

The bigger challenges of being an employee today is they make a budget for you, which is under your means so that you can live below your boss or government means; from food, clothes, rent, gadgets, family it all falls into a salary. And if you spend beyond your salary, you get in bad debt. And bad debt is among other secret weapon that has made many employees become slaves of a few people who run the bank systems.

It’s the employees that pay the highest taxes to the government than business people, and the fun part is the taxes employees pay to the government, the government even uses that money to control employees minds and lives; have you not heard that money is power; majority of government workers fall into this prison. And if it’s the government employees like politicians eat more than lower employees like teachers, police officers, soldiers etc; as the photo is telling you, and most people think government jobs are safe today, it’s not the way it used to be in the old.    

This is a fact, jobs have made many people become whips, and if you have become an employee just for one purpose, a job – you have made yourself a Wimp Person; which means “Where Is My Paycheck”, and the dictionary defines a wimp person as, “Someone who has a weak character and is afraid to do something difficult or unpleasant.” I have seen this weak character in the majority of employees, they may have a great idea that could even make them millions of money, but because of that weak  character, that weak mind and that weak heart, plus fear attached, they fail to make their ideas or business ideas, or dreams into reality.

So a Weak Character + Fear To Try, to do the unknown things and to move to the unknown is among the greatest obstacle that makes many employees continual being “Wimps”, many end up into death just like that.  

Weak Character + Fear = Failure” – MarAdona Chalwe

If it’s just for a job, you are puppet of your employer. People, who believe in a job as a way of life, see themselves as not worth owning themselves, not making more money beyond a paycheck. Well at conscious level they may show some worthiness, but deep down in there subconscious mind they don’t believe in themselves to create their own life-way, but believe in others to create a life-way for them. They have no capacity to own their independence, their time-freedom or their mindset. These are people who simply wander about in life as lost souls, not knowing what they really want out of their life or what they can do for their life. These are the people Socrates once talked about as

“Worthless people live only to eat and drink and people of worth eat and drink only to live.”

An employee has little or no responsibility over his or her life, meaning they have become a robot who just follows the instructions of the programmer, the employer. Once you choose to become an employee, you have become a programming machine like a computer; you will continual functioning until that expiring date called the employee retirement age period. After that most of the employees its either death or insanity, like my late brother. Your time is life, so when an employer says you come this time to work and leave this time after work, you have sold part of your life, your soul to that employer, you believe it or not.

If you don’t love the job you do, but just there for a paycheck, that’s insanity. And you must know that insanity is not what you think it is most of the time. Do you know that even complaining, blaming your job, employer or company, or how little your salary, its insanity, and many people who are employees I meet are always blaming the government, the employer for the job they do and the little salary they get that makes their lives miserable; if you don’t like something, why spend time being around it?

In the old employees where called slaves, so it’s one and the same today just the change of letters and an employee simply means a slave. Today what is common known as ‘Civil Servants’ meaning “Civil slaves or Civilized Slaves.” Civil servants are job believers who have faith in their jobs, employers or government for a day-to-day survival, month to month, not for a lifetime, and in addition have little or no faith in themselves for survival. It’s true, to labour is to serve and all service is honorable. But some employees contemplate blind service that leads to misery, instead of wise service that leads to a successful lifestyle. “In all labour there is profit, but idle chatter leads only to poverty” said the Proverbs 14:23 in the bible.

Being an employee is not safe today, it’s a suicide a road, more especially government workers, we even know that our government is broke, it has no money, and to pay its employees, it has to borrow money, now what if where the government borrows money are no longer able to lend our government that money, what will happened to the civil servants who depend on the government for money and their lifestyle? Disaster will be the harvest. Take control of your life. I end here, and please think about this!