I have written a number of articles about this illusion called job security, and I have always said the top trap cage to personal financial progress, job security is among the top list, and this is more especially to those in the government work force.

And the reason why job-security is useless for me is that it keeps people or employees stuck, fearful to become self-reliant of their financial life, so that’s why you see many people leave their financial responsibility to be taken care by others especially the government through paychecks, social security or pension account and on going forward. Many employees are not fully responsible for their financial life, as I have said especially those in the government work force that’s why they go for job security. From school we are taught to “Go to school, and get a job, and the job will take care of you”, this is all training students to let others take responsibility of their financial life and life too.  

As long as people keep on depending on the government, their employer or a paycheck to take care of their financial life, such people will always remain in this trap cage called job security that has now become a suicide trap belief for our kids today simply because many jobs have no job security today, and also jobs in the government with security are a suicide today simply because governments are broke, government employees are not paid on time and are taxed more on their small paychecks, pensioners are retiring with little or no money in their pension account, and this is a wakeup call for the wise, but many employees still think the government will solve their financial problems when the very government has failed to solve its own financial problems, and you claim to have job security which is just a manipulative tactic they use control and blind many employees from realizing their potential and wealthy within themselves.

You can never become successful at anything you want in your life if you always want someone else to do it for you and more especially financial success. Many people are stuck in jobs that they even hate the most simply because they is job security or a paycheck, very difficult for such people to leave such a cage.

Its time you took responsibility of your financial life, the government will never solve your financial life for you; our government has failed to solve its own financial problem, and you expect it to solve yours, that will never happen. Go solve your own problems.