It is true that instant gratification jobs leads to future instantaneous long-term problem.

A wage of an employee is an instant gratification reward to make money fast because it’s expected every month than an entrepreneur person will wait to make more money from a business after a year or years. This has become a long-term problem for many employees because many have worked for 30 years at jobs but have never made any constructive changes for themselves, simply because of chasing paycheck after paycheck for months, years and years and forgetting ones personal progress, that is forgetting ones personal dreams, and forgetting ones personal healthy, these are results mainly for those who have believed that a job is a way of life when it is not, their millions of ways to live life out there, but because society and school trains us for job, we have come to believe this illusion as real that the only way to a successful life, to make more money is to get a job with a paycheck.

Some employees will work for 30 years at a job, but only to retire poor, broke and sick; we have seen such people in our retirees in our neighborhoods, and my late brother and my father both of them who worked for Zambia Electricity Supply Cooperation. Many employees will prepare for the job, but not their life. Many employees will make their employers dreams come true, but never their own dreams, for such people a job is a short term solution that leads them into long term problem of getting addicted to a paycheck that they worry and fear to let go because of worry of bills, stomach hunger, or my family will suffer if I quit this job, this is what keeps many employees stuck in the employment process called the rut race cycled road.

About instant gratification, going to college to get a degree and begin making money is also an instant gratification way many think will make them money fast; many with school mentality cannot withstand to build a business for years and years, but if its college they will withstand it, because their assured they will find a job after university, but with a business, too much doubt.

In nature, you’re either growing or dying. Be very careful that when chasing money that you do not die in the process to your end, many have died in the process of chasing paycheck after paycheck. Even if you have a job, never forget yourself; please mind your own life business too.