The problem is that so main kids, students or people are so desperate to geta job so that they can start earning, and that were learning ends for the great majority.  And once they start earning a paycheck, they immediately stop learning to grow and change; instead their jobs or employers start thinking for them and earning them.                                      

If you earn from a job, but if you can’t learn from that, you are in deep shit. Earning only from a job as a way of life limits you, puts you in short-term sight, and closes the mind from learning what you can learn to earn beyond a job employment. The problem of earning money only through a job is you get limited to earning only within a job circle. 

The belief that getting a job as the only way or only idea to make money is what limits and narrows many people’s minds when it comes to making money. But if you think, what is money? Money is just an idea. This simplifies that, majority of people have little or one or non ideas to make money outside job cycle, that’s why they stick to a job as the only way of life to make money, the only idea taught to them in school to make money. This is a reason why many people get a job, because they have only one idea to make money, and that is getting a job.

A friend Prince Lungu years ago posted a comment on his Facebook account that said, “You panic because you have an M.B.A. M.D or Ph.D but no Job? Jobs are reserved for those who don’t have wealth creation in mind; jobs have barred a lot people from being rich. You are highly favored, stretch your mind and create your wealth.”

Which is true, 99 percent of people who get a job have no wealth creation mind, that’s the reason they go for a job they have believed to see from their families or what school has conditioned them as the only the way, only answer and the only process to make money. It’s true what Robert Kiyosaki said, “A Job is a limited solution to a long-term problem.”

That’s why employees work for a single limited idea, a job; which is actually limited for a fixed salary or predictable salary, and that salary has fixed time to work, they like it or not. You can imagine, time is fixed, job is fixed and money is fixed, they too have ended up being fixed. That’s why once you believe in a fixed salary, you are lost; because you end up with a fixed mind and a narrow money ideal mentality. They get up every day and go to work for money even on jobs they hate, and never take to have the time to ask the question, is their another way to make money than just having a job?

Maybe that’s also the reason people with job-mindset move from job to another job, because they have a mind only fixed for a job. Please as you read this, open your mind, start to think; Mr. Alvin Toffler put it this way; “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” Beliefs are always changing, rules are always changing, people are always changing, and so must you be changing too; work to make your income be unpredictable. And the only way to do that is to become an entrepreneur, a business owner or business person, or an investor, that makes it possible to earn unpredictable salary.

Please don’t let earning money from a job stop you from learning how to make money outside the job cycle or job mentality; entrepreneurs do earn more money than employees, and if they can do it, you and me too, we can do it. Earning from a job is always limited edition, subscribe to unlimited edition where entrepreneurs are.