The reason why majority of people continual or will continual working for money,instead of money working for them is because they where unconsciously or subconsciously conditioned in their childhood from their poor and middle class homes and in school that the only way to make money is to go to school, get a job and a job will take care of you. Before we go further, remember that rich people don’t work for money; they work to solve problems and create value to as many people as they can reach, and money is the harvest of the problems they solve and value they create to their society.

In fact majority of people learn money habits from their homes and school just prepares and motivates also the majority to become employees that work for money through getting a high safe secure paying job with benefits. The problem is that students leave school addicted to money, instead of learning.   

It’s what we are taught and advised about money, and that’s what we end up thinking and have ended up believing money is, and that’s what our reality becomes. The reason why people end up becoming employees after school and work for a paycheck, for money, as said it’s what they have been taught advised from their homes and schools; moreover, school prepares students for a job, for a paycheck and this is why majority of my fellow students are employees and are only looking for jobs today. And also employees work to solve rich people’s money problems, and not their own money problems.

So, is the rich people or rich people’s kids, there are advised and trained in their rich homes, not in school, how to make money work for them, to become entrepreneurs who make money, systems and people work hard for them, to build asset businesses and investments that generate cash flowing in their pockets and bank accounts weather they are working or not working. Point is; the rich don’t work for money; they work to build assets that solve people’s problems, and people pay them back for solving their problems. Rich people work to solve problems, they build problem solving systems.   

“We become the advice we accept” – Maradona Chalwe

The is reason why employees end up working hard for money, because it’s what they are advised and taught from their homes and school, and that’s what they have come to believe as the only to make money, through having a job, this becomes their reality in life.

So is, why rich people or entrepreneurs become entrepreneurs who make money and people work for them, it’s because their advised from their homes to become entrepreneurs and become and live rich from their rich parents or families. It’s the advice we accept that’s what our reality becomes.