The only edge that differentiates the rich from the poor is just thinking,followed by action, that’s all. The rich think rich and the poor think poor.

But how do the rich people think when it comes to money? First of all rich people don’t work for money; they make money and man work for them, but employees, poor people are the ones who often work for money.

If a rich person wants money, they don’t go look for a job; they simply look for a problem that people are facing and they find a solution that solves that problem; and share to as many people as they can reach, and money comes in. Rich people know that the more people you serve the more money or richer you become or you will become. Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki said, “The more problems you solve, the richer you will become”.

For an employee to find a job is one way to solve your employer’s problems, but it’s limited and that benefits more your employer, not you.

Rich people work for everyone they can reach to serve, they work to solve problems in their communities, country and globally.

Rich people also as said don’t work for money, they work to build asset businesses and investments that creates cash flowing in their pockets or accounts weather their working or not working, weather sleeping or not sleeping and weather on vacation or not on vacation.

Rich people understand that money is a result or the outcome of the service or product they render to their society, in short to the people their services and products serve. Money is the harvest of the service you render to your community.

And also rich people value time more, that’s they use it wisely for their personal benefit and others too, that’s why they are rich and wealthy. Someone said wealthy is created by what you do in your spare time, how are you using your time now?

And also, rich people are grateful for what they have, that’s why they use them wisely, and the poor also use unwisely or poorly, that’s why they are poor.  

Learn to think like a rich person.