The thoughts you have towards money is what create the emotions that you surround yourself with around money, and if you have poor thoughts towards money, that means you have poor habits towards money. And if that person has poor emotional habits towards money, then most likely money controls that person.

Emotion means energy in motion and everything is energy, including money is energy too, and that energy people surround themselves with towards money, emotions are what makes a huge difference in people’s living or lifestyles. Most people immediately they get to have some money, all they think of first is spending on things that will not sustain them for long; it has been said, “Successful invest first and spend what remains, but the poor spend first and invest what remains” and that’s what differentiates a rich person from a poor person’s emotions towards money. 



Is money your master or you are the master of money? Many people in this world are slaves to money, especially the poor and middle class group, the employees, who work for money. Rich people don’t work for money; its money and people (employees) work for the rich people.

And the belief that money talks, and then, when you have no money, that must leave someone ‘deaf’, is a stupid and entire symptom that such a person is still emotionally a slave to money.

The belief that money solves all problems; what a lie, from my own experience, it adds more problems to the poor and middle class mentality, and adds more opportunities to the rich people; though rich people have money problems, they don’t let money problems emotionally control them, but the poor and middle class are controlled often by money problems, that’s why they work for money as employees through paychecks.



Greed and fear towards money is also being emotionally controlled by money. Being emotionally controlled by money is also a sigh that you have no or little financial intelligence, simply because emotional intelligence is also financial intelligence. As the world’s richest investor Warren Buffett said, “If you cannot control your emotions, you cannot control your money”. The emotions the person gets to have towards money are what will determine if that person can become financially independent or will remain poor and continual struggling financially. Take control of your emotions.