In many ways, banks are the biggest financial predators of all. Every day, they rob savers of their wealth by printing more and more funny money. For example, the banker’s rules allow them to take in your savings and pay you a small percentage interest.

Then for every dollar you save, the bank is allowed to lend out at least twenty more dollars and charge a higher interest on that money. For example, you deposit one dollar and the bank pay you 5 percent interest for that dollar over a year. Immediately, the bank is allowed to lend out twenty dollars and charge you 20 percent interest to use your credit card.

The bank pays you 5 percent for one dollar and makes 20 percent on twenty dollars. That is how bankers get rich. If you and I did this, we would go to jail. It is known as Usury. It also causes inflation. Because our banks are playing games with money, the gap between rich and poor becomes larger. Today savers are losers, and bankers are winners.

In the new rules of money, we need to know how to borrow currency to acquire assets, since we no longer save money. In other words, smart borrowers are the new capitalism, not those who save money in a bank savings account.