I am a business man, and with my music, film and advertising businesswww.ZambianMusicBlog.co run by Elite Hype Ltd, there are a number of characteristics I have learnt along the way of how to build a business  and I know these might be of help to you reading too if you are interested in starting a business;


It has been said that you can’t go where your mind can not see. What I mean is, business is a vision, it’s an idea in your mind, an imagination that you must build in your mind first before it must come into your physical reality. Your business or company must have a vision where it is going or it will perish before you go any further. Vision is what keeps your business going or drives your company future forward; and without vision many business don’t go far and many have perished. A business is an idea that lives through vision.



Passion means loving what you do and doing what you love. It’s not everything I do to make my business continual running that I love doing, but I always do my best to love what I do even if I don’t like it, I believe in the philosophy love what you do and do what you love; this makes the work I do not enjoy much, get in a feeling better mood. My advice is if you have a business and you find another project you can do to raise money to fund your business or dreams to progress forward, do all what it takes to like that idea of raising money, it will make your work well doing. The principle here is, love what you do and do what you love.



I don’t believe it’s only hard work that only pays out, simply because the hardest working people in the world are among the least paid people in this world, but the least working people are the top highest paid people in this world; for example the entrepreneur employers work the least t companies while the employees work the hardest at companies. As our business at www.ZambianMusicBlog.co we are always updating our minds and our business to do more for our clients with less and less effort. Smart work which I call leverage is our philosopher at www.ZambianMusicBlog.co.



Perseverance for me means courage to keep the process. I believe it’s the process that makes you successful, what you learn in the process is more important than what you become at the end of your process.

In the beginning I had only an idea of the business of what I wanted to do, but I had no money, no systems to use for building my business, but that never stopped me, I had to look for under paying jobs a Waiter at different Lodges in Kitwe, just to build up my business, I have also been chicken out of a house for rent too, I have lost a lover or lovers just in the process, my family miss understood me simply because they wanted to go to college and get a job and do what everyone else was doing, but that was not my business, I just love minding my own business.

The business has fallen before, I remember before www.ZambianMusicBlog.co came into existence I had opened before www.ZambianMusicBlog.com which was opened at the same time with my friends website www.TalentPreneur.com by Maradona Chalwe the one in the picture wearing a Grey T-Shirt, is an Author, Teacher, Editor and Education Entrepreneur running this same business website www.RichTrainingsInstitute.com; but we never stopped just because our website business fail along with a Zambian website hosting company that was hosting our websites, we just had to find another way forward. And also, Maradona Chalwe is the one who edited this article. 

It’s all a matter of perseverance in whatever you do, when the process gets tough get your skin thick too, and learn, study more at what will sustain your business, and stick to your courage with a positive attitude too along the way.

They is more I can share, but these are manly basic ones to begin your business with, please you leave comment below, thank you.