First of all, this advice kids are mostly given from childhood into youthhood,into adulthood by their parents and school teachers that “Go to school, get good grades, look for a high paying job with benefits and a job will take care of you”, this is all training, programming and conditioning kids to grow up depending on something outside themselves, instead of depending on themselves, such an advice  gives kids a false hope of believing that someone out there owes them a living and going through school is the only way to have that life when I complete college.

Moreover, “Go to school, get a high paying job with benefits and a job will take care of you” is obsolete and worth less advice to give your child today, unless, if you want your children to become slaves of a few people out there, simply because school trains kids to become obedient slaves of a few people like the rich and the government. Don’t get me wrong here, in the old days employees were called slaves, and in this modern day slaves are now called employees, its one and the similar thing, just the difference in words and age periods.

And here are the things that school prepares kids to depend on for life which actually is well known to everyone, but it’s that many people never pay so much attention to question about and think about; 

In School Kids Are Prepared To Be Taken Care of By A Job

Kids the only thing they are prepared for the start of junior school to high into college is a job, to depend on job for life when you finish school. Whatever subject they learn in school it’s all connected to a job. Kids are prepared for a job just the moment they enter school; and it’s even worse because being prepared for a job is being prepared to depend on a employer because he or she is the one who created that job that kids when they leave school to go work for. School prepares kids to leave school to go into the real world and be taken care of by an employer for life survival through jobs, and not preparing kids to take care of themselves.

Depending on a job or employer for money is allowing your employer to take control of your financial life, instead of taking control of your financial future and life, and this is the trap kids are driven into by our school system. The problem is the child will spend 14 years in school just being prepared for a job, instead of life.

School Prepares Kids To Depend On The Government

Especially those who are rushing into the government employment industry, all they are there for is a paycheck, job security and a pension. A safe secure job with benefits is what drives many kids to join the government employment world. This is a huge problem for kids today simply because all their trained in school is to leave school to join the government employment and let the government to take care of their financial life through a paychecks and pension accounts instead of taking care financial life and future too. Kids are trained in school to give their financial power to the government and the government turns it down to control them with their own power, have you not heard that Money Is Power.

Kids just from school are trained to believe that government or someone out there owes them a living, that’s why when kids finish school into the real world, they fail to do anything worth for themselves simply because they are always waiting to be told what to do for their lives and to be given the promise of a job was taught in school. Many kids just wait to be told what to do, because they are not taught to depend on what’s inside themselves to do something for their life, but always waiting for answers outside themselves.  

Kids in school are taught to depend on the government for their financial life and to be given a job; things kids are capable of doing for themselves if just trained to do so. School does not prepare students for the real world, but for a job.   

Old Age Dependence On Children

As school teaches dependence on a job and the government for financial security; as those kids grow older or retire from employment; they turn on their children for financial dependence too, which actually all rooted from school taught dependence on others. For the past 10 – 15 years ago the baby boomer parents are retiring from employment, and already some baby boomer parents have begun depending on their children for financial support, and mainly this is the investment of the poor people that they get to have main children in hoping the children will take care of them in old age. Mainly financial dependence is school facilitated more because for the majority of kids such dependence rooted from their parents or families who were or are still employees who work for a paycheck month after month.

As said, the problem with our school system kind of training is that it does not prepare kids for the real world, but it only prepares kids for jobs, trains kids to let the employer or the government to take care of kid’s financial life instead of training kids to take care of their financial life and future too. All what school is doing even now is just preparing kids to be depended on things outside themselves for answers, instead of depending on themselves for answers; and with such a system of a school, if not improved or changed, kids will continual being slaves of a few people who are already awakened of how obsolete and a disaster school has become.  

Moreover, school trains kids to become employees of the rich people and future government tax payers, that’s why government is always in denial to change and upgrade the obsolete 20th century school system.