Work is done differently and defined differently accordingwith each person’s mental perception and bring up. For an entrepreneur work is defined differently, so is for an employee work defined differently.

Employee Work Definition

For the majority of employees I meet work is defined as;

“I must work whether I like it or not” and if I don’t, I will not get paid, or my salary will be deducted or I might get fired, or I will be warned of which next time I could get fired, or If I don’t work I will suffer of hunger or poverty, or if I don’t work I won’t pay rental money and I can be chased out of the house with my family”.

Employees work is mostly driven by fear. The fear of what? Fear of poverty, fear of getting fired, fear societal statues, fear of not being promoted at a job; that’s the reason majority of employees get a job to survive only for a month or weeks simply because fear short sights their minds to only survive today, tomorrow and a month. The definition of work for an employee is simplified in this picture;

The gun the man is carrying in the picture represents fear in today’s generation. Mokokoma Mokhonoma put it clear here that “Work is a vehicle with which man chases some fleeting destination called a full tummy.” If an employee does not work, poverty will shot them or hunger will clip in they like it or not – so they must work to survive each day that comes. Poverty does not only refer lack of money or food, its lack of infinite knowledge, and lack of personal initiative to think beyond employee mentality. Poverty also means spending life doing things you don’t enjoy doing.

Poverty is expressed mostly in struggling in one of these areas majority of employees struggle in the most, paying bills; taxes, medical expenses, lacking property maintenance money, school fees for children, food, transportation, etc; every month it’s this fear of lacking,  this fear of poverty that is one greatest obstacle that keeps the great majority of employees to stick and get stuck in jobs that they don’t even like, jobs they hate all day long, but simply because the job is paying the bills for them so they get comfortable with that; they fear to take a risk to move to the unknown zone outside a job because of fear of failure. People with such a mentality never begin any business even if they might have a thought about starting a business, fear always stops them.

Many people with an employee mentality when it comes to thinking of starting a business, they ask themselves, what if I fail? and when I fail, look at the problems I will be into, and who is going to take care of my family, my life and the bills too; so that fear of failure, fear of poverty makes them stay and continual working on jobs they don’t love at all simply because they is a comfortable paycheck. These are sufficient reasons why people work hard for money; stay on jobs they don’t love at all, and they continual chasing money after money, moving for job to job rather asking themselves if a job will get them what they really want for their life.

Entrepreneurial Work Perception

For an entrepreneur it’s a different mental perception and bring up. For an entrepreneur it’s the desire to win that drives them forward, the courage to win simply because they understand that when I overcome the poverty am going through, victory, successes becomes my lifestyle, my way of life and my way of living. For entrepreneurs the desire to win is much greater than the failure. Entrepreneurs don’t work for a job to survive for a month, but work to build businesses that makes them survive for a lifetime. Entrepreneurs don’t work for a paycheck, but work to create assets that brings cash flowing in their bank account and pockets weather working or not working. Entrepreneurs work to create value in their lives; in short they work on projects that create value in their lives and other people’s lives.

An entrepreneur works when they want to work when they want to work with whom they want to work with, at any time they select on their own, not the way an employee is forced to work even times he or she does not feel like working. An entrepreneur does not work for money, but works to solve problems, and money is the result of the problems he or she solves for other people.

“An entrepreneur works to create solutions that solves problems; and an employee works on solutions that solves problems  Maradona Chalwe

An entrepreneur works more when building the business in the beginning and works less and less when business is doing fine, but an employee works hard from the beginning to the end of the job. An entrepreneur is always driven to win; failure is just part of a road to victory. The entrepreneur plans for lifetime, even the next generation to come; an employee plans to survive for a month only, that’s why retirees end up poor and broke after retirement. Entrepreneurs are driven to make a difference in people’s lives, to create change for as many people as they can reach out there; their driven by purpose of their living on this earth.

My question is,

How do you define your work?

What drives you to go for work?

Those are your own person questions to answer yourself.