First of all school is a prison, it has and it is imprisoning so many innocent souls unconsciously. And sticking to old beliefs and expecting them to work tomorrow is lying to ourselves, because what worked yesterday or today could no longer work tomorrow and it is happening, school-system is not working today as was working in the past. As the school-system and employee-system is no longer working effective in this generation because of its obsoleteness, for example this high rising of unemployment each day that comes is a sigh that school-system that trains and prepares students for a job only is in a disaster, students are leaving college only to find their no jobs, only to return to their parents homes as boomerang kids.

Another example is technology is rapidly replacing main human labor jobs with robotic machines, but we are still advising kids that “Go to school, get good grades and look for a high paying job with benefits and a job will take care of you” when high paying jobs are disappearing like thin air and being replaced by cheap labor on the market place. And moreover 90 percent of jobs today we advice kids to get with a pension, have no pension plans, and soon in the government pension jobs will be eliminated too.

School system was created some 110 years or more to date, and its purpose was to train more people to work for the 20th century industries, which were in the industrial age period. But today we are no longer in the 20th century industrial age, but still school is still training kids the obsolete industrial age philosophies that are no longer working effective in this 21st century information technological generation.

Why would school continual teaching what is old and obsolete when we are in the new modern world with new rules of doing things. Training kids in school for a job is obsolete and old today, unless for those who still want to continual being employees of those who adapt to the new world philosophy and rules. School does not train kids to become entrepreneurs who take control of their lives, who build businesses that create jobs and drive the economy forward, who take advantage of change and who adapt and have adapted to use technology to their advantage.

Kids cannot find freedom, cannot progress forward if their still holding on to old, obsolete 20th century ideas, they will still continual operating with an old industrial age mind even when we are in the new modern world of the 21st century. Kids in are still being caged in the industrial age world simply because it’s the only thing they are being taught in school that prepares them for life that; to “Go to school, get good grades, look for a high paying job and a job will take care of you”, this is all an old obsolete industrial age mentality kids are being advised to date.

Kids taught in school will never find their freedom of who they are and live their own life if they still continual being trained to become employees who must work for a few rich people and become obedient customers to pay more taxes to the government. Freedom is not found in becoming an employee, but outside employee mentality.  

It is true, school trains students to go follow what their employer wants, follow the orders of the employer, to wait for the employer to tell them what to do, and we have adopted this same waiting-mentality to our societies and homes; waiting for others to tell us what we can do for our lives, waiting for the government to help us or create jobs for us, waiting for our parents to tell us to live the life they want, not the life we want, when actually as a youth we have the ability to think for ourselves, we have brilliant ideas to live our own lives, but simply because we are not trained to exercises that ability, that’s the reason we always wait for someone else to tell us what to do with our life.   

As long as school continues training and preparing kids only for a job after school, kids coming out of school will not find their life freedom, will not know who they are and what they are capable of doing and having until they let go of this old school obsolete system of the 20th century of “Go to school, get a high paying job with benefits and a job will take care of you”. We are at the end of the industrial age period, and those failing to adapt, forever they remain behind, as Mr. Avin Toffer said, “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn”. Get this humans cannot find freedom, cannot move forward until they let go the old, obsolete ideas.