If you really want to learn more while having a job,look for a job that makes you learn something new each day you work on it, a job that challenges you to think innovative, advance your skills, make you think independent and interdependent, that does not only limit you to earning money from a paycheck.

A job that inspires you to start up a business, become an entrepreneur, or an investor, for example a marketing jobs are one of them, though many who do such jobs are already programmed for a job by the school system. In short a job that inspires you to contribute your personal value to as many people as you can reach in your society.

As you develop this attitude and work with this attitude, you can work as an employee for a while to gain some wisdom, some momentum of how to build a business, how to run a business or company, once you learn – quit out, go build your own business. To you, a job must be a short-term awakening solution that must open your mental ears and doors for the long-term lifetime opportunities to build your own businesses. This is how entrepreneurs get a job as a means to raise and gain both mental and material re-sources and sources that help them to make their business ideas achieved.

Always look for a job that will make you learn how to manifest your business dreams into reality.