I think one great quality that majority of families and schools are missing today that has also has contributed to increase of misery in many people’s lives is; “Many people are not taught to learn to learn how to earn learning.” Learning is earned, that’s why we have knowledge and experiences coming from all angles of life that needs to be earned through learning.

We go to school to learn, but school has the opposite of learning, conditioning. It focuses more on conditioning students to follow instructions and subjects that do not even apply effectively after school today. Life is richer outside school class room.

For example, school and majority of our families focus more on training us to earn more money but with little learning, little knowledge taught about money in school, but not understanding that you can’t earn more without learning more. And what school teach students is little, which actually is limited within a school cycle. So when students finish a diploma or degree, they go out with that fixed limited earned knowledge and belief into employment process as the only way and only answer that will make them earn more money is working hard for a paycheck, which has never worked for many.

Open your mind, and refuse to believe in a fixed salary – let your salary be unpredictable. And the only way to do that is to become an entrepreneur, a business owner, or an investor, that makes it possible to earn unpredictable income” – Maradona Chalwe

And as students begin earning money from a job, they stop learning; because the mindset is already fixed to one answer that is already fixed in there subconscious-mind, as the only way to earn money is through a paycheck. People must begin to understand that, earning from a job without learning to earn money outside job cycle is labour lost, what if you get fired today, or an accident happens or you seriously get sick for long. The problem is many employees cannot earn money outside a job simply because that’s the only thing they have been taught in school; to only earn money by working for a paycheck, having a job. And earning money through a job that’s little to having no knowledge of making money. This is the error school has been causing for years to many people’s lives, of only conditioning students to slave for a paycheck when their other millions of ways of making money that are or will never be taught in school.

School is in chaos now, because it’s absolutely blind today, and busy driving students to work “blind labour” instead of intelligent labour, which actually brings about destructive conditions. You see blind labour comes in when people learn little, conditioned to one answer as the only way to life, and such is a chaos of to date is “Go to school, get good grades, look for a high paying job with benefits and a job will take care of you”, when in reality we are having fewer and fewer high paying jobs along coming in cheap and cheaper labour jobs on the market. School system training of getting a job for life, is obsolete today, training student to learn from such a system is limiting students learning capacity simply because school learning system is shoddy and obsolete today, it’s still operating in the 20th century old world when we are actually in the 21st century new world.

“Humans cannot move forward if their still holding on to old, obsolete ideas” – Robert Kiyosaki

The problem is, many employees never learnt to learn to earn learning outside a paycheck, but only to earn from a job, which is the limited solution that leads to a long-term problem. You see, it’s not how long you work or how hard you work, but why and how you work. Every labour you perform, make it an opportunity to learn and grow from it. I leave you with words by the famous international bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad Mr. Robert Kiyosaki, who said “When you are young; work to learn, not to earn”. Learn to earn learning, making it your way of life to learn something new each day that comes.