A constructive government work together with its all citizens, not partial citizens to develop the country together as they say, “When it comes to National development, two hands is better than one”, government and citizen heads, As Mary Curie (1867-1934) said; “You cannot hope to build a better world without improving individuals.” This is what makes each individual citizen of any country to become a blessing and contributor of his or her society or country progress.

In the book “False Start In Africa” by the Rene Dumont gave an example in the book said by J. Guillard about African countries if they had to achieve development; “Total involvement of government and people is the conscious choice of achievable goals and deliberate sacrifices”

But with today’s most governments are engulfed in negativity, and they fear if they teach or come up with policies that reinforces people to become self-reliant, they will fade away as someone said; “Always keep in mind that creating jobs is a means to the ultimate end of economic activity, which is creating wealth, a job is just a means, not an end”, that’s why most of today’s governments need the wisdom of the Nineteen Sixty speech of American president John F. Kennedy where he said; “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country will do for you, but ask what you will do for your country.”

If the unity individuals of the government are positively minded, then its country-citizens will be taught to contribute positive changes. Meaning if the government had to achieve those goals, it has to come up with policies and self-empowering systems that will empower more people to stand on their two feet so that they can contribute to the development of their country too. It’s a blue lie when you here a government, saying it can develop the country alone, that’s the symptom that it’s a manipulative unity of negative individuals.

A government should be a leader that must educate people how to swim by throwing water on them, in short teaching its citizens how to fish, doing what Leo Tzu a long time ago (600 BCE)  said, “If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.”

To govern is to look to the future, not only that period of voted 5 years someone is in the government organization. To govern is to create a long-term individual sustainable empowerment, to create more leaders, not more followers, it is to educate individual-responsibility and leadership in the minds of citizens, to create a way and show it by example; as J. Donald Walters said, “Leadership is an opportunity to serve. It is not a trumpet call to self-importance.”

John C. Maxwell also said; “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way” and you share judge the government by its thought fruits it gives its countries citizens. A government is a reflection of its majority of citizens of that country.