One way to measure yourself if you are a SPIRITUALLY Matured Person is,do you feel jealousy and envy over the good or the success others have achieved that you don’t have?

If you feel jealousy and envy, then you are still immature in some areas of your inner world.

Mature people don’t jealousy over the good others have, in fact they bless more and get inspired too. They say if my friend can have it, me too I can have it, and from there, either they proceed to go ask how the friend managed to get that good, so that they can learn too, how? Or they go do research and study about the way to become that success.

If you want to be like people you want to be, stop jealousy or envy, begin to get inspired and motivated too, you always become what you perceive in others, negative or positive. Learn from the mistakes of people you admire about, don’t laugh at their mistakes, simply because if you venture into the journey to become that success you admire, you might find yourself making the same mistakes too, so, learn please, don’t criticize.

Instead of jealousy others success, why not learn how, and become successful too, that’s maturity.

Maturity is learning from both sides of life, negative or positive life. Maturity is being inspired from uninspired.


Cut jealousy and envy out of your mind; introduce in your mind blessing and let yourself be inspired by others success to become your own success you want. This attitude will motivate you to mind your own life business and become who you want to become with your life. No one is more superior than you, but jealousy and envy will make people become more superior than you are, simply because jealousy and envy comes out of inferiority complex negative attitude. I often said “Everybody has something they excel at. You need to figure out what yours is and build a life around it”

Be a Blesser and Be Inspired back Too.