Labour is not a chaos as some people perceive it, it is cosmos honorable gift governed by infinite laws, that makes us realize that every condition is the result of a cause and that same cause invariably produces the same effects in reality. Labour is the key that manifests our production and service in our environment, and our products and service we render to our communities is what pays us back in different forms of life, it can be money, respect, love, promotion, etc. You get what you give to your society.

But chaos comes in when people work “blind labour” instead of intelligent labour, which actually brings about destructive conditions. You see blind labour comes in when people learn little, conditioned to one answer as the only way to life, and such is a philosophy of school of “Go to school, get good grades, look for a high paying job with benefits, and a job will take care of you and family”, and that’s all to life living, which has become and is becoming so obsolete and old in this 21st century, when it was created to work for the people of the 20th century. You cannot use the old world rules to work in the new world with its new rules.  

What worked yesterday is not a guarantee that it will work tomorrow, things change and will never be the same again, and if you cannot adapt, forever you remain in misery and chaos.   

In the Bible, in the chapter of Proverbs 14:23 says; “In all labour there is profit, but idle chatter leads only to poverty.” How many employees have laboured hard for many years and years at a job but ended up in poverty after retirement, this is all blind labour. Before employees becomes employees and students get into school, this what they must understand today, and although others may are still following and falling in the same process today of poverty and misery after retirement from a job.

Go to school, get good grades, look for a high paying job, and a job will take of you has become obsolete and old today, and fading away quickly, new mind and new education needs to come in, and the question is, what type of new education must come in?