Our lives are often bound by the paralyzing beliefs, suggestions and advises that often come from the crude thinking of governments, schools, friends, families, religions etc; which we accept and act upon without questioning them if they are empowering or disempowering us.

Here are the four impressions of fear, insecurities and self limiting beliefs that has barren multitudes of people from experiencing successful lifestyles, that so many people have not taken time to seriously and critically question if there lies or truths, that they have accepted them without reasoning and without questioning. Many people are not speaking their beliefs; they’re being spoken by their beliefs;

Money Is The Root Cause of All Evil

Lack of money causes evil. Lack of money knowledge or we say lack of financial education causes man to act evil towards acquiring and using money. In fact evil was there before money into form. It’s the lack of money wisdom that causes man to act evil towards money. Many so called religious people have remained poor and struggling financial simply because of this belief, and many believe to be poor its holly, not for me, it’s not holly to be poor, it’s a sin. If a person without enough money has to stop struggling for money, they must unlearn such believes out of their minds.  


To Make More Money You Have To Get A Job

This is a government and school philosophy, which the poor and middle classes believe in, of go to school, get good grades and a job will take care of you. Today this is an illusion advice; unless you want your children to continual being slaves of a few rich people and the government in this world. Billions of people have jobs in this world, but employees are the ones who struggle most when it comes to financial issues, and then someone comes in and says the only way to make more money is to have a job, that’s a lie.

This is a lie, even if you have never been to school; you can learn to make money, in fact learn to make more money. Money is an idea, money is thinking; you don’t even need to get into school to learn to think or learn how to make money. To make money has nothing to do with becoming an employee, or getting a school certificate, you can learn how to make it, with or without school. In fact its evil the way school programs and manipulates students minds that the only way to make money is to get a job, I know it’s a planned move as a way to control people’s minds, have you not heard that Money Is Power, and one way government steals people’s wealthy is through training students in school to go work for a paycheck for years.

Coming back, remember what I said, money is what you think and believe it is; so if you think and believe money or getting rich can only be attained in getting a job, then that becomes the reality of your thinking and beliefs. But you can never become rich through a job, simply because a job always gets in the way of getting rich.

Someone said, “Money makes you more of what you are already.” So if you are already an employee, you end up becoming more of an employee to money and you might even end up moving from one job to the other, chasing money and working hard for money, and never realize that if you want to make money, you can just learn from a person who is making money out of a business directly in less time, than you spend 15 years in school, then come out and get a job to start earning money, this is old fashion.

Some time back, my niece just within the period of 5 years, she changed two to three jobs, and she is now on a new job, moving from paycheck to paycheck. It’s really true what someone said that “It’s crazy how some people feel that Five to Ten years being an entrepreneur is a long time to achieve a level of success and wealth but don’t feel that 40 years at a 9-5 job is a long time to stay broke.” 

If you want money, just learn from the person making money near you, finishing college and go earn money is a longtime ago and an old fashioned road.


Money Is Limited And Hard To Get

Money is not limited or not hard to get; its thinking that is limited and hard for most people, that’s why so few people engage in it. In truth the greatest torture for most people in this world, is to think. Somebody said, “What you can achieve is only limited by how far you can think”, so is money making too, goes with how far someone thinks about how to make money.

Some ideas to make money are short, short-term money ideas are ideas of making money to survive for today or for a short period of time, the hand to mouth made money for example a paycheck money, it’s a for short-term surviving; but long-term money making ideas requires more time to be thought for and implemented, this comes as building wealthy creation businesses and investments that often requires more time and even last years just to begin generating wealthy cash flowing in your pocket whether you are working or not working.   

There is no lack of money in this world, it’s just most people are short of money making ideas, and because many have been brought up to believe the only way to make money is through school to a job, and when they find they is no job after school, they remain mentally stranded, and these are people you hear saying that money is hard to get or money is hard to find, it’s because they just believe in one process of making money, and that is looking for a job.   

There is no shortage of money on this planet; the earth is full of lavishly abundance that no man has ever finished, and will never finish, but only a shortage of people thinking big enough. Money is just an idea, and you must learn as main ideas of making money as you can.