What if your dad is poor, how does his status affect the family? Man was designed to be successful. Every head of a house must strive to great in life. If a man becomes poor, these are some of the suctions imposes on the family and his life:

  1. Poor dad exposes his children to insecure world. When a man is successful and say he has daughters, stupid guys find it hard to penetrate because of fear of the successes of the father. There’s security in becoming great in line.
  2. Poor dad does not satisfy his family. A poor house is always on fire. If they are not fighting, then they are complaining about the way of living.
  3. Poor dad leads his wife being disrespected in the community. A woman many fight to gain a reputed, but as long as the husband is poor, everyone can be pointing fingers at her.
  4. Poor dad fails to teach success lessons to his children.
  5. Poor dad throws his wife and himself into debts.
  6. Poor dad has more issues to solve in life before he does.