True prayer is being in tune with God’s consciousness,and that tune is through your thoughts and emotions. That’s why it’s very important to know how you are feeling, because your thoughts and emotional vibration are your prayers. If you pray attached with thoughts and emotions of fear, that is exactly what you will get back, fear. If you pray with doubt, you will receive nothing, or moreover doubt in return. If you pray attached with thoughts and emotions of love, that’s what you get back also. What you send out is what you get back.

That’s the reason you hear so many people saying I have been praying for many times and times, but nothing is happening, it’s not that nothing has happened, something has happened or is happening, it’s just that they are not noticing it. If nothing has happened, that means something has happened, and that nothing is what has happened. Every prayer is answered. It’s not what you pray about, but how you pray about, you cannot pray about becoming rich when you still have a poor mindset. 

When you pray to the universe to have something, and you receive nothing, still you have received that nothing; nothing receiving is something receiving.  It’s not so much the prayer you send to your God through your mind, but it’s so much the thoughts and emotions you attach to your prayer that you send to your God or the universe, it’s the energy that goes with our prayer or ideas that makes a difference with our asking, believing and receiving.

Therefore mind is a very powerful crossing bridge. It plays an inner between bigger role in communicating and connecting you with the universe and the universe communicating and connecting with you, in making your ideas or thoughts become in reality. Therefore, if you use mind wisely it will make your life a success, and so is the opposite too.  

And always remember that, “True prayer consists of putting yourself into tune with the universal mind (God’s mind); for where as many people think that prayer is the art of getting God to give something, it is actually the art of getting yourself ready to receive something. Therefore; your thoughts are your constant prayer too, or your constant rejection of God.”

The universal principle says, “You reap what you sown” or “like attracts like.” What you send out in thought, is what you get receive back. Positive thoughts attracts positive people and positive energies and that’s what we get in our physical reality, but if you think evil thoughts, you are likely to attract negative energies, negative people and that is what manifest in your physical reality as discord, poverty, sickness and all kinds of negative circumstances. Therefore what we call evil is the result of our own evil thoughts we entertained in our minds; as Frantz Fanon once said; “A negative mindset is the tabernacle of all that is evil.”

Always do your best to think good thoughts and be in good emotional energies. Your thoughts and emotions are your true prayers.