Money is just a tool or resources you use in exchange to get what you want,though most people have been made a tool by money by working for money, for example majority of employees. “I think a person who takes a job in order to live – that is to say, for money has turned himself into a slave” said Joseph Campbell.

What we must understand here is that, money is the harvest of our production and service we render to our community. So if you want money, create services and products that serves people, that solves people’s problems and people will give you money. If you don’t want to work for money, then don’t work for a service or product that many employees work for to make money, become a creator, a solution solver, an entrepreneur who creates and builds serves and products that make money come in by solving people’s problems.

Have you not heard that rich people don’t work for money?

Then what is it the rich work for if it’s not money?

As said before rich people work to solve problems by building business services and products that solves people’s problems, and money comes in as a result of solving problems. Get this point too, money is the tool rich people use to expand their services and products; so what the rich people do is to first create or build a service or product that will solves people’s problems and then sale it on the market place, and when the money comes in, they use that money to expand their services and products businesses to as many people as they can reach out there, and the more people they serve, the more money comes in and the more money they make, and the money richer they become.

Money is a tool to expand your dreams, your business services and products. Money comes in as a result of solving a problem, so if a person wants more money let him learn to solve more problems in his or her community. An entrepreneur makes more money than an employee simply because an entrepreneur solves more people’s problems including the same employee, but an employee solves their own problem only, no wander there are limited to a fixed income only, a paycheck.

Learn to work to solve problems like the rich people, don’t be limited to working as an employee to make money, nobody ever became rich or wealthy by working for a paycheck. I leave you with words from the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad Mr. Robert Kiyosaki that, “The problem with this world is not enough problem solvers. So, if you become a problem solver you become rich”.