A person’s future is created by what they are doing now. You can tell a person’s future by looking at what they spend their time and money on. Time and money are very important assets, spend them wisely. Here is how you can tell a person’s future by looking at these two groups;


This is earned income these guys work for; and here is where they spend money and time on Both Money and Time Expenses;

Social security taxes

Income taxes

Pension contribution account

Home mortgage

Car payments

Credit card bills





Water bills

Just look at money being paid to other organization and people first, and these guys pay themselves last. This is the reason such people or such a group of paychecks remain poor, become poor, retire poor and die poor, simply because there are busy making others rich and wealthy first without making themselves rich and wealthy first. Read the 4 things that make people poor every single month. And the problem is this groups calls liabilities like home mortgage, a car, retirement account as assets when actually their liabilities, this is what makes such people suffer and struggle financially for longer.  Moreover a job is a short-term solution to a long-term problem.



Here are the entrepreneur people who work to make money work for them so that they don’t need to work for money; and here is where they spend their money and time on, 

The Money Expense;


Investment in themselves

Saving (for business or investment)



Living expenses

Time Expenses

Building Business

Investing Successful information in themselves

Investments (e.g., cash flowing investments businesses)

These guys understand that if I have to live a good future I must begin to pay myself first, invest in myself first, and build businesses that will work for me, not me working for a business or working for money. These people spend their money and time building businesses, investment and liquid reserves that will make them and their family become and continual becoming rich and wealthy in futures to come. So there go, it’s easy to tell the future of a person just by looking what their spending their money and time on. As said time and money are very important investments, spend them wisely.