The problem with some of our parents is they have never been taught who they are, how to become financially independent, what their gifts are, or how they can discover their gifts, and many of our parents lives are still depending on a few other people to survive more especially financially, and this makes it so difficult to teach a child to become self-reliant for example financially when you as a parent your financial life is still depending on someone else.

They is a wise saying that, “You can’t teach what you don’t know or what you are not”; and many of our parents have been brought up not knowing who they are, not knowing their potentials within, and to depend on the government, a job or the employer for money to survive in life.

The only way many parents know to train a child on how to make money is to get a job, and what do you expect a child will learn too? To become an employee as well, as the only way to make money to survive in life when their millions of ways to make money than just through a job.

The point is, as a parent to help your child become self reliant in life, you must be the first example or real mode of your child will see, for example if you are not financially free or not rich, please help your child find a mentor who will help them learn to become financially free, learn about entrepreneur, though easier said than done for many parents.

“Parents help your child to learn more than you know, simply because you don’t know everything”

The reason why majority of people live poor, become poor or die poor is the people surrounding them, if a person is surrounded by a poor family or people mostly likely that child ends up in poor lifestyle too. Children learn more by what they see, not what they hear, that’s parents to make a successful impact on your child’s life, they must become successful impact to themselves first. As a parent you must remember that you cannot teach what you don’t know to your child, so you better be that good example first.