Without a clear understanding of your gifts, abilities and your self-knowledge, a person will not be able to determine which direction to place emphasis of his or her life. Without firm grasp of who you are, you resemble a lost wonder soul. As Caleb Bolton, the 18th century English clergyman said; “He that knows himself, know others; and he that is ignorant of himself could not write a very profound lecture on other men’s heads.” 

But our greatest problem has been ignorance of our self-knowledge, ignorance of who you are and who you were meant to be, that is what has caused main innocent souls lost, underdeveloped and experiencing unhappy   and miserable lives for many people’s lives. It’s what John Mason said; “Self-knowledge is that acquaintance which shows us that we are, and what we ought to be, in order to our living comfortably and usefully here, and happily hereafter.”

Know yourself, and you share know the other. Know your gift and you share know others gifts and inspire others gifts or talents. Love yourself and you share love another. You cannot help someone to know thyself without knowing thyself first; it all begins with you, as Leo Tzu said, “Know thyself and you share win all battles”. As said know thy strength and you shall know, understand and help others strengths to succeed.