The greatest gift any parent can give their child is to help them become self-knowledgeable, self-reliant and self-confident for their own life. As children are becoming more conscious of themselves, I myself believe that’s the time a parent must begin teaching a child to become self responsible for their own thoughts, attitude and actions, though easier said than done for most parents. Also more importantly responsible parents teach their child that their opinions are more valued for their life than just other people’s opinions.

Parents must teach their child to accept, learn from their own mistakes and correct them if the child is capable of solving it, if not, that’s when a parent can come in to help. There is a saying that “If you solve all your child’s problems, you will always have your child’s problem to solve”, teach your child to solve their own problems they cause. As your child learn to accept, learn, and correct their own mistakes, the child’s level of self-confidence and self-esteem improves and grows too, and this is the greatest gift a parent can give their child.

To develop self-reliance in children, parents must give their child as much responsibility as they can handle at any age level. Moreover, it’s what you leave in your child, not what you leave for your child, that’s why Thomas Edison said that, “When a man dies, if he can pass enthusiasm (self-reliance) along to his children, he has left them as estate of incalculable value.” A responsible parent teaches their child to become responsible of their own thoughts, attitude and actions, and this is what defines a parent who is responsible for his or her own life and others life too.