Although my areas are on financial teaching

and self-development, today I just want to help my sister what she should look into a man before she marries him because it is also part of life in order to like your marriage.


After observation experience, I have deduced that 90% of women do not look better than when they were single. You can agree with me that most married women stop looking great when they get married, yet others it is like they are now more blessed.


You can see that during the time of dating, this lady was looking great; she used to receive the comments of wooow because the guy was financing her from head to toes. Now after being together, she begins to lose the appearance. The outlook and the pride she had begin to fade away. For this reason, I want to help you my sister what 90% don’t tell ladies what they should long for to see in a man to have an everlasting marriage.



Now vision is on two parts. A man can have a vision, but it is not your vision. You see that this man quite alright you can see a man showing you a vision, however, his vision is not for you. In other words, you are not his vision. T

On the same vision, if a man you date does not show the future big picture, let him go.

My sister, don’t be fooled by telling you that he will do this and that in future. Life is action. You must see him doing it not just talking about it. Jesus said by their actions you will know them, not by their talks.



Don’t just marry because he goes to church and maybe with you. How many couples who in fact go to the same church and yet their house is always on fire? Marry a man because he fears God. A man who look at you as his own sister in spite you are his wife. A man must have a discipline through obeying God.


If a man you are dating always say after he makes a blunder that baby I am just a human being I am not perfect. That one is a fool. Run away my sister. A man must be responsible. He should not be keeping doing what he does just because you will forgive him. When you marry this person, he will not stop this habit or akamusango.



Sarah, my sister, you can tell you are dating a fool or not by looking at how they use money when you are dating. If your man misuses money to praise you or decorate you, Sarah, run, he is a fool. He doesn’t know how to use money which is one of the top 5 skills of life a person should possess. If money finishes, how will you survive? A man must show you the best and the right way he is using his money for when you are dating. When you see a man using money for business so that you would live better, marry him because he is settling the matters before marriage.



Love is not enough. Solomon said a home is built on wisdom and understanding. Don’t marry a man who does not understand you and your time. Sarah, when you are dating, but the man always wants you to be around him, run my sister, he is fool. These are men who beat up their wives once she little bit comes home late. And these are also men who have close supervision on their wives.


Thank you for reading and share please.